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SFU experts on police oversight, perceptions and policing alternatives

June 10, 2020

Following the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor by police, demonstrations and protests across North America call for police abolition, significantly defunding police forces and reallocating resources to community supports and policing alternatives.

The following SFU experts can speak to policing alternatives, perceptions of police and police oversight:

Brenda Morrison, professor, Criminology, 778-782-7627,

Morrison is the director of the Centre for Restorative Justice. She can speak to institutional reform and culture change, restorative justice, social regulation and civil society.

Rylan Simpson, professor, Criminology, 778-782-7081,

Simpson can speak to perceptions of police, officer appearance and how police agencies in the U.S. have changed historically.

Robert Gordon, professor, Criminology, 604-418-6640,

Gordon can speak to policing, police oversight, health law including mental health law, medical assistance in dying, care facility regulation (admission, rentention, use restraints, abuse and neglect).

Krista Stelkia, PhD candidate, Health Sciences, 778-782-7320,

Stelkia recently published a study on police oversight systems for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and municipal police forces in British Columbia.


Ian Bryce, Communications and Marketing, 236-880-2187,