The Centre for Restorative Justice

The Centre for Restorative Justice is an initiative by the School of Criminology at Simon Fraser University.

Restorative Justice is an old idea with a new name. Its roots can be found in Aboriginal healing traditions and the non-retaliatory responses to violence endorsed by many faith communities.

It represents a return of the simple wisdom of viewing conflict as an opportunity for a community to learn and grow. It operates on the premise that conflict, even criminal conflict, inflicts harm, and therefore individuals must accept responsibility for repairing that harm.

Communities are empowered to choose their response to conflict. Victims, offenders and communities actively participate in devising mutually beneficial solutions, and implementing those solutions. Conflicts are resolved in a way that restores harmony in the community members' relationships, and allows people to continue to live together in a safer, healthy environment.

Canada has long been in the forefront of the restorative justice field. We were the first nation in the world to offer a victim/offender reconciliation program, which was initiated by the Mennonite Community in Kitchener, Ontario.

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We are viewed world-wide as having the experts in the field of violent-offence (post-incarceration) mediation. We have also been on the leading edge of adopting the Aboriginal concept of circle remedies, which have become an integral part of progressive programming in the federal justice system.

Over the last decade, Simon Fraser University has made significant contributions to the paradigm of restorative justice. We hope to build on our tradition of excellence in this field.

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