Gladys We


Fun inspires Gladys We's stellar work ethic

April 01, 2014

By Diane Luckow

Don’t tell anyone, but Gladys We would happily do her job for free.

We has worked at SFU for the past 23 years in a variety of roles, including conference assistant, graphic designer, marketing coordinator and now communications officer for the Department of Graduate Studies.

She is well known on all campuses for her enthusiasm, energy and deep commitment to everything SFU.

The winner of a 2013 Staff Achievement Award for Work Performance, she is also known for her stellar work ethic and 1:00 a.m. emails filled with ideas.

Nominators attribute We’s hard work to the success of the President’s Dream Colloquium, a combined public lecture series and graduate colloquium she helped launch in 2011.

“Gladys has an amazing ability to connect with people and to communicate big ideas in an easy-to-digest fashion, which is why her participation in the President’s Dream Colloquium led to the series being such a success,” says one nominator. “She genuinely cared that everyone was as engaged and excited about the event as she was.”

We welcomed the colloquium project, which she organized in addition to her regular work of writing and maintaining the Graduate Studies website and building engagement between grad students and the university.

“It was exciting to work with super-smart faculty members who had a huge vision for what they wanted to accomplish,” she says.

We also helps to organize the increasingly popular 3-Minute Thesis Competition, introduced last year.

“I love working with grad students,” she says. “They’re doing such interesting work and their topics range all over the universe.”

In addition to these special projects, We also found time to sit as treasurer for the Administrative and Professional Staff Association, and to serve on the university’s Common Look and Feel Committee charged with redesigning the SFU website.

She attributes her deep involvement and interest in her job, and the university, to the people she works with.

“I have not enough superlatives to describe the colleagues I have worked with all across the university over the last two decades,” says We.

“It has never felt like work, because it has always been fun.”

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