Stephanie Chicoine graduated from SFU in 2014 with a bachelor of arts in communications.


B.C. university grads have proven ability to prosper

December 02, 2015

By Justin Wong

According to a comprehensive report of student outcomes, in an uncertain economy the best bet for career success is to invest in a university education. Putting Degrees to Work was released by Research Universities’ Council of B.C. and involves Simon Fraser University and five other research universities from B.C.

The report found that university graduates have the edge over non-university graduates when it comes to finding jobs with competitive wages in their chosen profession. Another finding is that graduates also enjoy the freedom of mobility when it comes to finding work around the world.

Stephanie Chicoine, who graduated from SFU in 2014 with a bachelor of arts in communications, loves her position as the vice president of client engagement at Domain 7, a digital technology development agency, where she is responsible for business and partnership development.

Chicoine career is pleased that she has achieved financial stability early in her career and says that her university education was instrumental in catapulting her career in B.C.—her preferred destination.

“SFU is well connected to employers in B.C.,” says Chicoine. “There are so many services available at SFU that students should take advantage of because it is an easy way for students to network and find a career in whatever city, province, or even country that you like.”

She adds, “SFU is also known around the world as a university that produces amazing employees, which is an attractive item on your resume.”

Chicoine recommends that future SFU students set themselves apart from other university graduates by joining SFU’s Co-op Program.

“By joining Co-op you will instantly open yourself up to opportunities for work experience that you would not likely have by applying solo to companies like Facebook, Telus, BC Hydro, the Vancouver Canucks, Sony, Google and Apple just to name a few. However, these same employers have established partnerships with SFU Co-op!”

Putting Degrees to Work represents five years of data collected by B.C. Stats. Students are surveyed two years after graduation and are asked about their employment, salary, where they choose to live and whether their education is relevant to their careers.

“This report will be of interest to students and parents everywhere: It shows the importance of a university education in today’s job market,” says SFU President Andrew Petter. “Research universities are helping to drive B.C.’s dynamic and diversified economy by providing the highly-educated and skilled workforce we need.”