Grad faces tough choice: Olympics vs medical school

June 06, 2016

By Justin Wong

Cameron Proceviat is convocating this month with a B.Sc. in molecular biology and biochemistry (MBB). He never imagined his SFU experience would lead to a crossroads requiring him to decide between applying to medical school or taking a run at representing Canada in the 2020 Olympic games.

Both are real possibilities for Proceviat, the men’s track and field program captain and the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s 2015-16 All-American in the indoor 800-meter.

That’s because he’s as successful off the track as he is on it. He achieved a 3.90 grade point average (GPA) out of a possible 4.33, earning the 2016 Bill DeVries All-Around Athlete of the Year award.

To put this achievement into perspective, the average undergraduate GPA in the MBB program is 2.99.

Proceviat only began running track competitively five years ago when he landed a spot on SFU’s track team as a walk-on try-out.

“I was underdeveloped as a runner—my running form was a little uncoordinated and weak,” says Proceviat. “Developing as a runner is a long process that takes a lot of work.”

As a redshirt in his first season, Proceviat dedicated hours to training in the gym and on the track despite not participating in any races for SFU.

“Not competing allowed me to focus on training and my academics.”

Proceviat says he chose to attend SFU because of its interdisciplinary approach to education, which permitted him to explore different areas of study before deciding on a major.

Growing up, he dreamed of becoming a doctor and says that SFU has helped prepare him for medical school when he decides it’s time to hang up the spikes.

“My running goal right now is to work towards competing in the 2020 games.”