SFU School of Interactive Arts and Technology student Stephanie Bourgeois watches her short documentary, “INK: A Portrait of Johnnie Christmas," at the Museum of Vancouver's All Together Now exhibition. It is one of eight SFU student films being showcased at the exhibition, which runs until Jan. 8, 2017.


SFU students’ documentaries access the world of Vancouver’s collectors

June 23, 2016

By Allen Tung

The Museum of Vancouver’s All Together Now exhibition that runs until Jan. 8, 2017 will showcase an eclectic mix of collectors' items ranging from artificial eyes and prosthetics to transit memorabilia.

A short, documentary film series produced by students in SFU’s School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT) will also be showcased as part of All Together Now, which was curated by Viviane Gosselin. 

Through the students’ eyes, “Collectors Among Us” accesses the worlds of eight individuals who collect bikes, cameras, Marvel figures, comic books, radios, boom boxes, sneakers and vintage items.

The students produced these videos in this past semester’s IAT 344 – Moving Images course taught by professor Kate Hennessy and teaching assistant Rachel Ward.

One of the films in the series is “INK: A Portrait of Johnnie Christmas,” created by students Stephanie Bourgeois, Carlo Misajon and Arthur Wang. It explores Christmas’s passion for creating and collecting comics, and connects his work with his hobby to explore how they affect each other.

Bourgeois, Misajon and Wang are the latest to have their work showcased at the Museum of Vancouver. Kyle Ball, Justine Crawford and Dorcas Yeung, who took IAT 344 a semester earlier, were the first to share this honour.

Hennessy has been collaborating with curators at the Museum of Vancouver for several years to develop learning opportunities and media production partnerships for SFU students. 

Ball, Crawford and Yeung’s short documentary—MOVE—profiling how three Vancouverites use the region’s multimodal transportation system, was included in the Museum of Vancouver’s Your Future Home: Creating the New Vancouver exhibit that concluded on May 15.

Crawford, who is passionate about multi-modal transportation, says her experience in IAT 344 and her first foray into documentary filmmaking was both “very rewarding” and “exceptional.”

She turned that experience into a Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology Undergraduate Research Fellowship and is currently working with Hennessy on a virtual reality documentary exhibition project.

SFU communication student Justine Crawford's film "MOVE" was the first SIAT project to be showcased at the Museum of Vancouver. She is now applying that experience to a virtual reality documentary exhibition project with SIAT professor Kate Hennessy.

Bourgeois is hoping to follow Crawford’s footsteps and apply the skills learned from her video project to future projects. They both agree that opportunities to showcase their work, and experiential learning driven by hands-on work, are what sets SIAT apart from other programs.

“You get to try and learn a lot of different things, and build up a skill set while discovering what really interests you,” says Bourgeois. “Everything from film and photography to graphic and sound design, and coding in different languages.”

Says Crawford, “What I’m doing for school is not just for school—it’s something bigger than that. It’s real work and something I can put in my portfolio.

“It's really an honour to be able to say my work has been featured in the Museum of Vancouver.” 

The full list of SIAT films being showcased:

  • Johnnie Christmas: Comic Book Collector
    Stephanie Bourgeois
    Carlo Misajon
    Arthur Wang

  • Fritz Duernberger: Bike Collector
    Carol Ho
    Quinn Kim
    Jennifer Lee
    Clinton Walsh

  • K.K Chow: Radio Collector
    Crystal Lam
    Syrus So
    Mark Wakeham

  • James Phillips: Boombox Collector
    Anezka Chua
    Ty Husband
    Andy Shin

  • Stuart Kennedy: Camera Collector
    Tianchi Bi
    Di Lin
    Chanyasunhachan Promtep
    Marco Yuen

  • Lucien Lu: Marvel Figures Collector
    Yanto Liang
    Roxanne Shih
    Jessy Weng
    Linfeng Xu

  • Robyn Volk: Vintage Collector
    Claire Cong Chen
    Winnie Hung
    Joevy Leong
    Aaron Sham

  • Jeff “Martini” Martin: Sneaker Collector
    Rachel Ward