Fostering university success for Indigenous students

February 14, 2018

In January 2018, SFU introduced a new Interim Aboriginal University Preparation Program (IAUPP) that prepares Indigenous students to succeed in pursuing undergraduate studies in the academic program of their choice at SFU.

The program’s learning environment affirms and integrates Indigenous knowledge and perspectives, and offers mentorship and support as students take first-year academic credit and non-credit courses that help ensure a successful transition to undergraduate studies.

“In this program, we are trying to make sure that Aboriginal learners have support and access to the benefits they need to succeed,” says Deanna Reder, chair of the Department of First Nations Studies. That’s why they enter SFU as registered students, rather than as continuing education students. This gives them first-year academic course credits and access to all student benefits, including transit passes and library cards. As well, they attend classes at the Burnaby campus.

Deadline for fall registration is April 28, 2018. The course can accommodate up to 15 students. Contact or call 778-782-4089.  To register visit