Photo of Mark Lechner, lecturer in the Faculty of Health Sciences, and his students. Lechner, front row, right, is a key contributor to the faculty’s well-being projects.


Announcing SFU’s 2019 Healthy Campus Community Champions

July 30, 2020

By Sarah Saghah

The Faculty of Health Sciences and a senior lecturer for the Department of Biological Sciences are being honoured for creating a healthy campus community at SFU.  

Since 2012, SFU has recognized staff, faculty and students who have gone above and beyond their call of duty to create a healthy campus and enhance the SFU community through the annual Healthy Campus Community Champions Award. The award is presented to one or two recipients annually by the SFU Health Promotion team and recognizes both individuals and groups within the SFU community. Its goal is to celebrate those who embrace SFU’s Healthy Campus Community initiative and create conditions that enhance student health and well-being.

One of the winners, senior lecturer Kevin Lam, made outstanding contributions to student health and well-being. Despite teaching large first and second-year level courses, he made it a priority to meet with his students individually to share resources and stories that help build their resilience. During these meetings, he asked students to identify their short and long-term goals and any stress they may be facing, in order to better support them. Lam also created, adopted and promoted practices to enhance student well-being within learning environments

Photo of Kevin Lam, one of this year’s Healthy Campus Community Champions.

SFU’s Faculty of Health Sciences, was also recognized for a collective effort by faculty, staff, and students. Key contributors include the Health Sciences Undergraduate Student Union, members of the undergraduate studies committee, the dean of health sciences and education programs staff. Together, these teams launched a student survey to gather input on student life outside of the classroom. The results of the survey led to the piloting of a new university transition course titled Working for Health, and the redesign and renovation a new student commons, which will include design elements that support well-being.

Nominate a champion

If you know a person, program, or group that has made an outstanding contribution to the Healthy Campus Community initiative, please consider submitting a nomination package for the 2020 Healthy Campus Community Champion. Nominations will open in early fall of 2020.