Champions for a Healthy Campus Community

Since 2012, as part of the Healthy Campus Community initiative, SFU has recognized champions for their outstanding contributions to the health and well-being of SFU and the university community. The award aims to showcase work that enhances student well-being and inspires people and programs at SFU to take action and become engaged.

View our list of Champions below and see how they are supporting the health and well-being of the SFU community.

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The Champions for a Healthy Campus Community Awards are currently undergoing revisions. The Health Promotion team looks forward to sharing the revitalized initiative with the SFU community by mid-2023.  

If you or a person, program, or group you know is making positive contributions to the Healthy Campus Community initiative and you would like more support or to explore your ideas further, we encourage you to get in touch with the SFU Health Promotion team at


Dr. Isabelle Côté

Dr. Isabelle Côté is committed to fostering a community of care and building resilience among students, staff, and faculty as evidenced through actions big and small. Her fellow teaching staff nominated her for this award, because of the many actions she took within her role as Chair to strengthen both individual and collective well-being during the pandemic.

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Build SFU Project

Build SFU Project’s Student Union Building serves as a central hub for the SFU community on the Burnaby campus. The SUB welcomes undergraduate and graduate students to a welcoming and beautiful space designed with student well-being in mind and was guided by collaborative principles, and through continuous and thoughtful community engagement and consultation. 

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Paola Ardiles 

Paola Ardiles makes a positive impact as an instructor, mentor, and collaborator at SFU through her values of equity, inclusion, community-engaged learning, and genuine care for student well-being. She has built various community-engaged services, a capstone course, and an extensive network of partners.

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Out on Campus

Out On Campus has been creating safe spaces and opportunities for students to be their authentic selves, without judgment, policing or editing. Through partnerships with SVSPO and HCS, various initiatives and support groups have been created, bringing a necessary advocacy voice to building more inclusive communities for LGBTQIA2S+ members.

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Dr. Kevin Lam

Dr. Kevin Lam creates supportive learning environments for students through opportunities for meaningful connections, building resilience, and confidence. He also develops practical teaching tools for others to enhance well-being in their classrooms.

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Faculty of Health Sciences

Students, faculty, and staff from the Faculty of Health Sciences collectively contributed to enhancing well-being, student life, and students' experience outside of the classroom. Key themes resulted in the redesign of a new Student Commons space and university transition course titled Working for Health.

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Dr. Petra Menz

Dr. Petra Menz offers an exceptional amount of support to her students and fosters social connections with—and between—students in her classroom.

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The FASS Connections Mentorship Program contributes to a healthy campus community by embedding well-being within its design and activities and creating a sense of belonging.

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The Learning Hub

The Learning Hub provides a space in the Education Building with design elements that support well-being such as multifunctional use, flexible furniture options, views of the outdoors, and access to natural light.

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The Dining Hall

The Dining Hall creates a physical space that is supportive of student well-being: multifunctional in design, it has sofas, electrical outlets, access to natural light, and views of the outdoors.

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The Academic Enhancement Program

Academic Enhancement Program (AEP) , which was co-developed by Diana Cukierman, lecturer and Faculty Teaching Fellow in the School of Computing Science, and Donna McGee Thompson, head of the Student Learning Commons, provides students with opportunities for social connection and personal reflection while introducing academic resources and strategies.

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Dr. Anderson

Through his leadership, Dr. Anderson drives a range of programs at the Downtown campus that fosters a sense of community and social connection, encouraging personal and professional development through dialogue.

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BusOne equips students with the necessary experiences and skills to thrive at SFU such as building a social network, linking students to resources, and connecting students with mentors and community engagement opportunities.  

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Career and Academic Services

Career and Academic Services adopts a holistic approach to career and life exploration to create a positive focus, help build resilience and optimism, and support the overall well-being of students.

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Semester in Dialogue

The Semester in Dialogue program fosters social interaction and a sense of civic responsibility among students while encouraging personal and professional development through dialogue and community service.

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FASS First-Year Learning Communities

FASS First-Year Learning Communities creates opportunities for classmates to connect and form meaningful friendships in the process of developing their academic and personal skills.

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