Champions for a Healthy Campus Community

2019 nominations are now closed.

The 2019 Champions for a Healthy Campus Community nomination deadline has now passed. Please stay tuned for an announcement in the winter of 2020. 

If you know a person, program, or group that has made an outstanding contribution to the Healthy Campus Community initiative, we encourage you to submit a nomination package that will be available in the next round in the fall of 2020.

Since 2012, SFU has recognized a “champion” for their outstanding contribution to the Healthy Campus Community initiative. View our list of Champions below and see how they are supporting the health and well-being of the university community.

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Dr. Petra Menz

Dr. Petra Menz offers an exceptional amount of support to her students and fosters social connections with—and between—students in her classroom.

FASS Mentorship Program

The FASS Connections Mentorship Program contributes to a healthy campus community by embedding well-being within its design and activities and creating a sense of belonging.

The Learning Hub

The Learning Hub provides a space in the Education Building with design elements that support well-being such as multifunctional use, flexible furniture options, views of the outdoors, and access to natural light.

The Dining Hall

The Dining Hall creates a physical space that is supportive of student well-being: multifunctional in design, it has sofas, electrical outlets, access to natural light, and views of the outdoors.

The Academic Enhancement Program

The Academic Enhancement Program provides students with opportunities for social connection and personal reflection while introducing academic resources and strategies.

Dr. Anderson

Through his leadership, Dr. Anderson drives a range of programs at the Downtown campus that fosters a sense of community and social connection, encouraging personal and professional development through dialogue.


BusOne equips students with the necessary experiences and skills to thrive at SFU such as building a social network, linking students to resources, and connecting students with mentors and community engagement opportunities.  

Semester in Dialogue

The Semester in Dialogue program fosters social interaction and a sense of civic responsibility among students while encouraging personal and professional development through dialogue and community service.

Career and Academic Services

Career and Academic Services adopts a holistic approach to career and life exploration to create a positive focus, help build resilience and optimism, and support the overall well-being of students.

FASS First-Year Learning Communities

The FASS First-Year Learning Communities creates opportunities for classmates to connect and form meaningful friendships in the process of developing their academic and personal skills.