Social Data Analytics

Incoming SDA director Simon Woodcock welcomes students

October 20, 2022

In September 2022, professor Simon Woodcock from the Department of Economics took over as the Director of the Social Data Analytics (SDA) minor for the next two years. 

At a welcome reception on October 11th, Woodcock and SDA Advisor Azam Bhatti gave a brief presentation about the SDA program and then stayed to mingle with current and prospective SDA students, answer questions and enjoy some pizza. 

Woodcock reminded students that the SDA Minor "emphasizes the application of data analytics and statistical techniques in real world situations," a competency which is increasingly valuable across many careers. 

SDA graduates also gain skills in analytical thinking, communication and project management. 

To learn more about how the SDA minor could complement your degree reach out to Azam Bhatti at