Student Projects

Check out the wide range of projects completed by students in elective courses for the Social Data Analytics program!  

  • The Effect of Welfare Payments on Drug-Related Crimes and Alcohol Sales in Vancouver — Hamza Abdelrahman
  • The Negative Externality of Government Subsidy: Evidence from Modern Treaties (Impact of treaties on deforestation in Indigenous territories) — Ziheng Qin 
  • Tracking the Global Spread of COVID-19 — Midha Khan and Federica Cogoni
  • Trump versus Sanders - Text Analysis of Tweets — Trent Laurendeau
  • The Global Gag Rule and The Export of Discourse — Majka Hahn
  • Authoritarian Governments and Response to the Opposition on Twitter — Max Muratov
  • Welsh Language and Partisanship in Wales — Gavin Devonald

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