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Contemporary Arts Minor

The school also offers a contemporary arts (CA) minor which can be completed by CA students or those in any other Simon Fraser University major program. The program accommodates a range of contemporary arts interests, but some exposure to both the practical and theoretical aspects of art is assured by the lower division studio course requirement and the upper division seminar in art and culture studies.

Admission Requirements

Program and course admission is contingent upon university admission. Contact Student Services for admission procedures, requirements and deadlines.

Students may apply to the contemporary arts minor after completing six lower division units of CA courses (any courses) and achieving a minimum 2.5 contemporary arts CGPA and a 2.0 CGPA. Contact the SCA Academic Advisor to apply for the minor.

Although the university operates on a trimester system, most CA courses are planned in a two term (fall and spring) sequence. Consequently, students enter in the fall term (September) and are advised to contact the school in the preceding January for program entry and requirements information.

Transfer Credit and Advanced Standing

Unassigned or general elective (type 2 and 3, respectively) transfer credit awarded for courses completed at other recognized post-secondary institutions will not automatically entitle students to advanced standing in the school’s programs. Advanced standing is generally given on an individual basis as a result of an audition or interview.

Continuance Requirements

A minimum 2.4 SCA GPA and a 2.0 CGPA is required to remain in good standing in the minor program.

About the School’s Course Offerings

Students are encouraged to take advantage of interdisciplinary offerings within the school. As many programs depend on a continuing sequence of courses completed in order, students should plan carefully to gain the maximum benefit and efficiency from their study. Note that not all courses are offered every term and several are offered on a rotational basis, i.e. every third or fourth term. An advisor is available to help plan study programs.

Students are reminded that the school is an interdisciplinary contemporary arts department, and are strongly advised to acquaint themselves with the many disciplinary courses that are available.

Special Topics Courses

The subject matter (and prerequisites) of special or selected topics courses vary by term.

Prior Approval Prerequisite

Where a prerequisite is or includes ‘prior approval,’ approval must be obtained before enrolling in the course. Contact the school for further information.

Program Requirements

Lower Division Requirements

Students complete a minimum of 12 CA units including one studio course.

Upper Division Requirements

Students complete a minimum of 15 CA units including at least three in upper division theory and history courses.