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Life Sciences Year Two Program

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Program Requirements

This program, offered at Simon Fraser University Surrey, consists of 200 division science courses in biological sciences (BISC), chemistry (CHEM), molecular biology and biochemistry (MBB) and statistics (STAT). The courses, completed over two consecutive terms (fall and spring), are useful for students intending to major in either biological sciences or molecular biology and biochemistry. The program will also aid those students who wish to apply to professional schools in dentistry, medicine, pharmacy, optometry, veterinary science, and other life sciences areas.

Students who have completed appropriate courses in the Science Year One Program are guaranteed admission to the Life Sciences Year Two Program. Other students who have completed appropriate prerequisites by the fall of program admission will be admitted to the Life Sciences Year Two Program depending on available space.

A list of courses offered by this program is published in the fall for future fall and spring terms. For planning purposes, this can be viewed at www.surrey.sfu.ca/science.

Students are required to enrol in at least two of the courses offered in this program each term.

Students are free to complete other Simon Fraser University courses (offered at any campus or by distance education) provided that those courses do not conflict with the program.

Note that the lab courses CHEM 126 and 286, and the laboratory component of CHEM 281 use the laboratory facilities at the Burnaby campus because suitable facilities are not yet available at Simon Fraser University Surrey.

After completion of this program, students will continue their studies as students in the faculty to which they were originally admitted.

Students without a declared major are encouraged to discuss their long term academic goals with the program advisor during their first term.

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