SFU-FIC Partnership

Program Details

Fraser International College, in partnership with SFU, offers international students a unique pathway opportunity to an undergraduate degree at SFU. FIC programs and approach to teaching are designed to support international students with the transition from high school to university studies and to help students adjust to a new culture and country.


  • Flexibility: You can move into any of the seven specific pathways (Arts and Social Sciences, Business Administration, Communication, Art and Technology, Computer Science, Engineering Science, Environment, and Health Sciences) or transfer into any program at SFU if you meet GPA requirements.
  • Convenience: FIC provides eligible students with a joint letter of offer to both FIC and SFU with a guaranteed GPA threshold.  Once you are enrolled at FIC, we ensure transcripts and relevant student information are shared with SFU—no need to keep track of paperwork.
  • Support: All programs are designed to help international students adapt to the Canadian education system. Small classes, additional hours of instruction and small classes with a high teacher:student ratio and additional support programs foster a supportive environment
  • More services: FIC is located on SFU's main Burnaby campus. FIC students have full access to university services including world-class libraries, modern computer laboratories and excellent sporting facilities, as well as on-campus accommodation at the Burnaby campus

Areas of Study

  • Arts and Social Sciences
  • Business Administration
  • Communication, Art and Technology
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering Science
  • Environment
  • Health Sciences

Application Process

Applications for admission are processed through FIC. Apply online at http://www.fraseric.ca/apply-today


Specific admission requirements can be found at http://www.fraseric.ca/apply-today/admissions-requirements

More Information

If you are interested in the pathway programs available at FIC and would like additional information before applying, please contact:

info@fraseric.ca or (778) 782-5011



  • 778-782-5011