Breadth (B) Courses

The following courses have been designated as Breadth. Where a course can fulfill multiple Breadth requirements, a student may choose only one option. To fulfill their Breadth requirements, students must complete 6 credits each of B-Hum, B-Soc, and B-Sci, from outside of their major discipline (e.g. an EASC major may not count EASC B-Sci courses toward the B-Sci requirement, but may count the CHEM B-Sci courses that are part of the EASC program). Courses not labelled with B designations may be used towards the Undesignated/Additional Breadth requirement provided those courses are outside of the student's major discipline.

This list is updated after approval by SFU Senate. Click here for a definition of what constitutes Designated Breadth.

Note: Course designations approved after September 2006 are noted in the lists below with italicized effective dates. Newly approved designations are NOT retroactive; they are effective as of the first offering after Senate approval.

Last updated October 13, 2021.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Course No. Course Title B Type   Other
COGS 100-3 Exploring the Mind B-Hum/Soc/Sci  
COGS 110-3 Learning to Learn: the Art and Science of Hacking your Brain *effective January 2016 B-Hum/Soc/Sci  
CRIM 101-3 Introduction to Criminology B-Soc  
CRIM 103-3 Psychological Explanations of Criminal and Deviant Behaviour *effective May 2009 B-Soc  
CRIM 104-3 Sociological Explanations of Criminal and Deviant Behaviour *effective May 2009 B-Soc  
CRIM 131-3 Introduction to the Criminal Justice System B-Soc  
CRIM 135-3 Introduction to Canadian Law and Legal Institutions B-Soc  
CRIM 315-4 Restorative Justice B-Soc  
CRIM 355-3 The Forensic Sciences B-Soc  
ECON 102-3 The World Economy B-Soc  
ECON 103-4 Principles of Microeconomics B-Soc   Q
ECON 104-3 Economics and Government B-Soc  
ECON 105-4 Principles of Macroeconomics B-Soc   Q
  **Effective September 2016, ENGL 101, 102, 103, 104 and 105 have been retired and replaced with ENGL 111, 112, 113, 114 and 115.
ENGL 111-3 Literary Classics *effective September 2016 B-Hum   W
ENGL 112-3 Literature Now *effective September 2016 B-Hum   W
ENGL 113-3 Literature and Performance *effective September 2016 B-Hum   W
ENGL 114-3 Language and Purpose *effective September 2016 B-Hum   W
ENGL 115-3 Literature and Culture *effective September 2016 B-Hum   W
ENGL 202-3 The Environmental Imagination B-Hum  
ENGL 204-3 Reading Sexuality and Gender B-Hum   
ENGL 209-3 Race, Borders, Empire B-Hum  
ENGL 210-3 Reading and Writing Identities B-Hum  
ENGL 211-3 The Place of the Past B-Hum  
ENGL 213-3 Reading Across Media B-Hum  
ENGL 272-3 Creative Reading *B-Hum effective May 2020 B-Hum  
ENGL 383-3 Studies in Popular Literature and Culture *effective May 2017 B-Hum  
ENGL 398-3 Major Authors for Non-Majors *effective September 2017 B-Hum  
FREN 245-3 Introduction to Literary Studies *effective September 2011 B-Hum  
FREN 275-3 French Linguistics Today *effective September 2011 B-Soc  
FREN 330-3 Francophone World B-Hum  
  **Course acronym change from ASC to GA effective May 2018**
GA 101-3 Introduction to Global Asia *effective May 2018 B-Hum/Soc  
GA 200-3 Introduction to Chinese Civilization *effective January 2010 B-Hum  
GA 201-3 Introduction to Japanese Civilization *effective January 2011 B-Hum  
GERO 101-3 Aging and Society *effective September 2010 B-Soc  
GERO 300-3 Introduction to Gerontology B-Soc  
GSWS 100-3 Sex Talk: Introduction to Contemporary Issues in Sexuality Studies B-Hum  
GSWS 101-3 Gender Talk B-Soc  
GSWS 102-3 Feminist Action
GSWS 316-4 Disciplining Sex: Feminist Science Studies and Sociobiology B-Hum/Soc/Sci  
GSWS 335-4 Through a Gendered Lens *effective January 2016 B-Soc  
  Effective Spring 2021 HS acronym is removed; courses now listed as HUM    
HIST 101-3 Canada to Confederation B-Hum  
HIST 102-3 Canada since Confederation B-Hum   W
HIST 104-3 The Americas from Colonization to Independence *effective May 2007 B-Hum  
HIST 106-3 The Making of Modern Europe B-Hum  
HIST 130-3 Introduction to Global History B-Hum  
HIST 132-3 Global Environmental History *effective September 2016 B-Hum/Soc/Sci  
HIST 135-3 Capitalism and the Making of the Modern World *effective May 2020 B-Hum/Soc  
HIST 146-3 Africa After the Transatlantic Slave Trade*effective September 2007 B-Hum  
HIST 151-3 The Modern Middle East B-Hum  
HIST 185-3 Studies in History *effective September 2018 B-Hum/Soc  
HIST 200-3 Making History: Introduction to Historical Research *effective September 2017 B-Hum/Soc  
HIST 204-3 The Social History of Canada B-Hum  
HIST 206-3 Imperical Japan (ca.1868-1952) B-Hum  
HIST 212-3 The United States to 1877 B-Hum  
HIST 213-3 The United States Since 1877 B-Hum  
HIST 214-3 Quebec Society, Culture and Politics *effective May 2013 B-Hum   W
HIST 215-3 The Making of the British Isles B-Hum  
HIST 220-3 Late Medieval and Renaissance Europe *effective September 2007 B-Hum  
HIST 223-3 Early Modern Europe, 1500-1789 B-Hum  
HIST 224-3 Europe from the French Revolution to the First World War B-Hum  
HIST 225-3 20th Century Europe B-Hum  
HIST 231-3 History of Africa to the 19th Century:
From Ancient Times to the Slave Trade *effective May 2013
HIST 236-3 Japan from 1603 to 1867 B-Hum  
HIST 243-3 A Brief History of Modern India *effective September 2015 B-Hum  
HIST 244-3 Colonialism and Nationalism in South Asia *effective May 2016 B-Hum  
HIST 249-3 Classical Islamic Civilization B-Hum  
HIST 252-3 Islamic India B-Hum  
HIST 254-3 China to 1800 B-Hum  
HIST 255-3 China Since 1800 B-Hum  
HIST 265-3 Global History from the Revolutionary Age to the Present *effective May 2014 B-Hum  
HIST 275-3 From Alexander to the Caesars  B-Hum  
HIST 276-3 Social, Economic, and Political History of the Mediterranean *effective May 2014 B-Hum  
HIST 277-3 History of Greek Civilization *effective May 2014 B-Hum  
HIST 279-3 Greece in the 20th Century *effective May 2014 B-Hum  
HIST 285-3 Studies in History *effective May 2014 B-Hum  
HIST 288-3 History of Christianity to 1500 B-Hum  
HIST 304-3 Alexander the Great and the Quest for World Empire B-Hum  
HIST 349-3 Rome After Rome: the Byzantine Middle Ages from the End of Antiquity to the Crusades B-Hum  
HIST 373-4 Conquest in North America, 1500-1900 B-Hum  
HIST 460-3 Themes in Byzantine History B-Hum  
HUM 101-3 Introduction to the Humanities B-Hum W
HUM 102-3 Classical Mythology B-Hum W
HUM 103-3 The Invention of the Book: Alphabets, Papyrus, Parchment and Print B-Hum  
HUM 105-3 Many Europes: Ancient, Medieval, Early Modern B-Hum  
HUM 106-3 Art and the Humanities *effective September 2015 B-Hum  
HUM 110-3 The Greek World *effective May 2015 B-Hum  
HUM 121-3 Walk of Life: Migrations in Eurasia from Antiquity to the Present B-Hum  
HUM 130-3 Introduction to Religious Studies *effective September 2018 B-Hum  
HUM 150-3 Warfare in the Hellenic World: From Plato to NATO *effective September 2018 B-Hum/Soc  
HUM 202-3 Great Texts in the Humanities B-Hum  
HUM 203-3 Great Texts: Asian Thought and Literature B-Hum  
HUM 204-3 Great Religious Texts *effective January 2015    
HUM 209-3 Heroic Greek Tales: From the Trojans to Frankenstein *effective September 2018 B-Hum  
HUM 211-3 Art and Literature of the Italian Renaissance *effective January 2015 B-Hum  
HUM 219-3 The Early Middle Ages B-Hum  
HUM 222-3 Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Art *effective September 2015 B-Hum  
HUM 226-3 War and Society *effective September 2018 B-Hum  
HUM 231-3 Daily Life in Ancient Greece and Rome *effective September 2018 B-Hum  
HUM 232-3 Religions of Ancient Greece and Rome *effective September 2018 B-Hum  
HUM 240-3 Studies in Modern Culture *effective January 2015 B-Hum  
HUM 275-3 From Alexander to the Caesers *effective September 2018; cross-listed with HIST 275 B-Hum  
HUM 276-3 Social, Economic, and Political History of the Mediterranean *effective May 2014 B-Hum  
HUM 277-3 History of Greek Civilization *effective May 2014; cross-listed with HIST 277 B-Hum  
HUM 279-3 Greece in the 20th Century *effective May 2014 B-Hum  
HUM 302-4 Athenian Democracy B-Hum W
HUM 304-4 Alexander the Great and the Quest for World Empire *effective September 2018; cross-listed with HIST 304 B-Hum  
HUM 305-4 Medieval Studies *effective January 2015 B-Hum  
HUM 309-4 Literatures and the Arts Across Cultures *effective January 2015 B-Hum  
HUM 311-4 Italian Renaissance Humanism B-Hum  
HUM 312-4 Renaissance Studies *B effective January 2015 B-Hum   W
HUM 320-4 Cross-Cultural Philosophy in the Humanities B-Hum  
HUM 321-4 The Humanities and Critical Thinking *W effective January 2012 B-Hum   W
HUM 325-4 The Humanities and the Natural World B-Hum  
HUM 330-4 Religion in Context B-Hum  
HUM 331-4 Special Topics in Asian Religious Traditions *effective January 2015 B-Hum  
HUM 332-4 Mythology in Context *effective January 2015 B-Hum  
HUM 340-4 Great Cities in Their Time *effective January 2015 B-Hum  
HUM 349-3 Rome After Rome: the Byzantine Middle Ages from the End of Antiquity to the Crusades *effective September 2018; cross-listed with HIST 349 B-Hum  
HUM 350-4 Great Figures in the Humanistic Tradition *effective January 2015 B-Hum  
HUM 360-4 Great Themes in the Humanistic Tradition *effective January 2015 B-Hum  
HUM 460-3 Themes in Byzantine History *effective September 2018; cross-listed with HIST 460 B-Hum  
INDG 101-3 Introduction to Indigenous Studies *effective January 2008 B-Hum/Soc  
INDG 110-4 International Indigenous Lifewriting *B-Hum effective May 2017 B-Hum W
INDG 201-3 Indigenous Peoples' Perspectives on History*effective January 2008; W effecive September 2015 B-Soc W
INDG 332-3 Ethnobotany of BC First Nations *effective May 2012 B-Sci  
IS 101-3 Global Challenges of the 21st Century: an Introduction to International Studies *B-Hum effective September 2018 B-Hum/Soc  
IS 105-3 Around the World through Film B-Hum/Soc  
IS 200-3 Security and Global Governance: Interdisciplinary Perspective *effective September 2018 B-Hum/Soc  
IS 210-3 Comparative World Politics: Trajectories, Regimes, Challenges *B-Hum effective September 2018 B-Hum/Soc  
IS 220-3 Wealth and Poverty of Nations *effective September 2018 B-Soc  
IS 221-3 Workers in the Global Economy: Globalization, Labour and the Uneven Development *cross-listed with LBST 201 B-Soc  
IS 230-3 Beyond the Nation-State: Identity and Belonging in a Globalized World *B-Hum effective September 2018 B-Hum/Soc  
IS 302-4 Humanitarian Intervention: An Introduction *effective September 2018 B-Hum/Soc  
LBST 100-3 Equality and Inequality at Work B-Soc  
LBST 101-3 Work and Worker's Rights: Introducing Labour Studies B-Soc  
LBST 308-3 The Labour Process: Technological Change and the Future of Work *effective September 2019    
LBST 310-3 The Politics of Labour *effective September 2018 B-Soc  
LING 100-3 Communication and Language B-Soc  
LING 111-3 The Wonder of Words *effective September 2017 B-Soc  
LING 160-3 Language, Culture and Society *effective January 2010 B-Soc  
LING 220-3 Introduction to Linguistics *effective January 2010 B-Soc  
LING 290-3 The Science of Speech *effective January 2010 B-Soc/Sci  
PHIL 100-3 Knowledge and Reality B-Hum   W
PHIL 105-3 Critical Thinking *B designations effective May 2016 B-Soc/Sci   Q
PHIL 120-3 Moral and Legal Problems B-Hum   W
PHIL 121-3 Global Justice *B-Hum effective May 2016; B-Soc effective May 2017 B-Hum/Soc  
PHIL 131-3 Selected Topics *effective May 2017 B-Hum  
PHIL 144-3 Introduction to the Philosophy of Science B-Hum/Soc  
PHIL 150-3 History of Philosophy l B-Hum  
PHIL 300-3 Introduction to Philosophy B-Hum  
POL 100-3 Introduction to Politics and Government B-Soc  
POL 121-3 Political Engagement: From the Streets to the Ballot Box *effective January 2017 B-Hum/Soc  
POL 131-3 Politics of Prosperity and Inequality B-Hum/Soc  
POL 132-3 From Dictatorship to Democracy: Political Regimes in the 21st Century *effective January 2018 B-Hum/Soc  
POL 141-3 International Relations *effective September 2016; formerly POL 241 B-Soc  
POL 150-3 Science, Policy and Innovation *effective September 2016 B-Hum/Soc/Sci  
POL 151-3 Justice and Law B-Soc  
POL 210-3 Introduction to Political Philosophy *B-Hum effective September 2016 B-Hum/Soc  
POL 232-3 US Politics *effective January 2012 B-Soc  
POL 252-3 Local Democracy and Governance B-Soc  
POL 253-3 Introduction to Public Policy *effective September 2016 B-Soc  
PSYC 100-3 Introduction to Psychology l B-Soc  
PSYC 102-3 Introduction to Psychology ll B-Soc  
PSYC 106-3 Psychological Issues in Contemporary Society B-Soc  
PSYC 109-3 Brain, Mind and Society *formerly PSYC X99 B-Sci W
PSYC 260-3 Introduction to Social Psychology *effective May 2012 B-Soc  
PSYC 280-3 Introduction to Biological Psychology B-Sci  
SA 101-4 Introduction to Anthropology (A) B-Soc  
SA 150-4 Introduction to Sociology (S) B-Soc  
SA 200W Power, Conflict and Change in Canadian Society B-Soc   W
SA 302-4 Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism B-Soc   W
WL 100-3 What is World Literature? *effective September 2008 B-Hum  
WL 101-3 Writing in World Literature *B and W effective January 2011 B-Hum   W
WL 103-3 Early World Literatures *B effective May 2010; W effective January 2011 B-Hum   W
WL 104-3 Modern World Literatures *B effective May 2009; W effective January 2011 B-Hum   W
WL 105-3 World Literature Lab *B effective September 2017; W effective September 2016 B-Hum   W
WL 201-3 East/West Encounters *effective September 2009 B-Hum  
WL 202-3 North/South Intersections *effective September 2010 B-Hum  
WL 203-3 Subversive Genres *effective September 2009 B-Hum  
WL 204-3 Rights and Activism in Literature *effective January 2011 B-Hum  
WL 303-4 Global Culture and Its Discontents *effective September 2017 B-Hum  
WL 304-4 Exile and Migration *effective September 2014 B-Hum  
WL 305-4 Sages and Poets *B effective September 2014 B-Hum   W
WL 306-4 Transnational Literary Rebellions *effective September 2014 B-Hum  
WL 307-4 Creative Writing in World Literature *effective September 2017 B-Hum  
WL 308-4 Travel and Trade *effective September 2014 B-Hum  
WL 309-4 Empire and Resistance *effective September 2014 B-Hum  
WL 320-4 Interdisciplinary Approaches to World Literature *effective September 2017 B-Hum  


Faculty of Science

Course No. Course Title B Type Other
ACMA 101-3 Introduction to Insurance B-Sci Q
BISC 100-4 Introduction to Biology B-Sci
BISC 101-4 General Biology B-Sci
BISC 102-4 General Biology B-Sci
BISC 111-3 ST: Current Topics in Biology l B-Sci
BISC 112-3 ST: Current Topics in Biology ll B-Sci
BISC 113-3 Biology in Everyday Life *effective September 2014 B-Sci
BISC 371-3 Special Topics in Biology for Non-Majors *effective May 2017 B-Sci
BISC 373-2 Brewing Science *effective January 2018; Note: 2 units - no lab B-Sci
BISC 374-3 Brewing Science with Lab *effective January 2018 B-Sci
  **Course acronym change from KIN to BPK effective September 2013**
BPK 110-3 Human Nutrition: Current Issues *effective September 2009 B-Sci
BPK 140-3 Contemporary Health Issues B-Sci
BPK 141-3 Theory of Exercise Program Design *effective September 2017 B-Sci
BPK 142-3 Introduction to Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology B-Sci
BPK 143-3 Exercise: Health and Performance B-Sci
CHEM 109-4 Introduction to Chemistry for Health Careers *effective April 2012 B-Sci Q
CHEM 110-3 Introductory Chemistry B-Sci Q
CHEM 111-4 Introductory Chemistry and Laboratory B-Sci Q
CHEM 120-3 General Chemistry l B-Sci Q
CHEM 121-4 General Chemistry and Laboratory l B-Sci Q
CHEM 125-1 General Chemistry Laboratory l B-Sci Q
CHEM 191-3 Living in a Materials World: From the Stone Age to Nanoscience B-Sci Q
CHEM 192-3 Chemistry in Your Home, Work and Environment B-Sci Q
CHEM 399-3 Special Topics in Chemistry and Society *effective January 2019 B-Sci
EASC 101-3 Dynamic Earth B-Sci
EASC 103-3 The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs B-Sci
EASC 104-3 Geohazards: The Earth in Turmoil B-Sci
EASC 106-3 Earth Through Time B-Sci
EASC 107-3 Economic Geological Resources B-Sci
EASC 108-3 Exploring the Solar System *effective September 2009 B-Sci
EASC 210-3 Evolving Earth B-Sci
MATH 160-3 Mathematics in Action B-Sci W, Q
MATH 178-3 Fractals and Chaos B-Sci W, Q
MBB 301-3 Bioscience of Science Fiction *effective January 2017 B-Hum/Sci
MBB 302-3 Energy: From Cells to Society *effective May 2018 B-Sci
PHYS 101-3 Physics for the Life Sciences l B-Sci Q
PHYS 102-3 Physics for the Life Sciences ll B-Sci Q
PHYS 120-3 Mechanics and Modern Physics B-Sci Q
PHYS 121-3 Optics, Electricity and Magnetism B-Sci Q
PHYS 140-3 Studio Physics - Mechanics and Modern Physics B-Sci Q
PHYS 141-3 Studio Physics - Optics, Electricity and Magnetism B-Sci Q
PHYS 190-3 Introduction to Astronomy B-Sci Q
PHYS 192-3 Logarithm and Blues B-Sci
SCI 300-3 Science and Its Impact on Society B-Sci
STAT 100-3 Chance and Data Analysis B-Sci Q


Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology

Course No. Course Title B Type Other
  **Course acronym change from FPA to CA effective September 2017**
CA 117-3 Modern Art History *effective September 2019; formerly CA 167 B-Hum
CA 118-3 Contemporary Art History *effective September 2019; formerly CA 168 B-Hum
CA 127-3 History of Dance: From the 20th Century to the Present *effective September 2020; formerly CA 227 B-Hum/Soc
CA 135-3 Introduction to Cinema *effective September 2015 B-Hum
CA 136-3 The History and Aesthetics of Cinema l B-Hum
CA 137-3 The History and Aesthetics of Cinema ll B-Hum
CA 140-3 Contexts in Creative Music and Sound Practice B-Hum
CA 142-3 Music Appreciation in the 21st Century*effective September 2015 B-Hum
CA 216-3 Selected Topics in Cinema Studies *effective September 2020; formerly CA 237 B-Hum
CA 217-3 Introduction to Performance Studies *effective September 2020, formerly CA 317 effective September 2010 B-Hum
CA 236-3 Cinema in Canada B-Hum
CA 257-3 Context of Theatre l *B-Hum effective May 2013 B-Hum W
CA 357-3 Context of Theatre ll *B-Hum effective May 2013 B-Hum W
CMNS 110-3 Introduction to Communication Studies B-Soc
CMNS 258-3 History of Sound *effective May 2016 B-Hum/Soc
IAT 100-3 Systems of Media Representation *effective September 2007 B-Hum
IAT 110-3 Visual Communication Design *effective September 2014 B-Hum
IAT 202-3 New Media Images *effective September 2008 B-Hum
IAT 206-3 Media Across Cultures *B effective September 2008; W effective January 2012 B-Hum W
IAT 210-3 Introduction to Game Studies: Theory and Design *effective September 2013 B-Hum/Soc
IAT 222-3 Interactive Arts *effective September 2008 B-Hum
PUB 448-4 Publishing for Social Change: Tech, Texts and Revolution *effective January 2020 B-Hum/Soc


Faculty of Environment


Course No. Course Title B Type Other
ARCH 100-3 Ancient Peoples and Places B-Soc
ARCH 101-3 Reconstructing the Human Past B-Soc
ARCH 131-3 Human Origins B-Soc/Sci
ARCH 200-3 Special Topics in World Prehistory B-Soc
ARCH 226-3 Shamans, Sacrifices and Psychedelics  B-Hum/Soc
ARCH 252-3 Ancient Egypt and Africa B-Hum/Soc
ARCH 272-4 Archaeology of the Old World *W effective September 2012 B-Soc W
ARCH 273-3 Archaeology of the New World B-Soc
ARCH 285-4 Archaeological Science *effective January 2015 B-Sci Q
ARCH 286-3 Cultural Heritage Management *effective September 2015 B-Hum
ARCH 301-3 Ancient Visual Art B-Hum
ENV 100-3 Great Ideas in Environment *effective September 2017 B-Hum
EVSC 100-3 Introduction to Environmental Science B-Sci
GEOG 100-3 Our World: Introducing Human Geography *B-Hum effective Fall 2020 B-Hum/Soc
GEOG 104-3 Climate Change, Water and Society *B-Sci effective January 2017; B-Soc effective January 2018 B-Sci/Soc
GEOG 111-3 Earth Systems
GEOG 118-3 The Water Planet B-Sci
GEOG 150-3 Digital Earth *effective September 2018 B-Soc/Sci
GEOG 162-3 Canada B-Soc
GEOG 213-3 Introduction to Geomorphology *B and Q effective September 2015 B-Sci Q
GEOG 221-3 Economic Worlds *effective September 2015 B-Soc
GEOG 241-3 People, Place, Society*effective September 2015 B-Soc
GEOG 253-3 Introduction to Remote Sensing *B effective September 2015 B-Sci Q
GEOG 261-3 Encountering the City B-Soc
GEOG 312-4 Geography of Natural Hazards *effective May 2021 B-Soc/Sci
PLAN 100-3 Introduction to Planning *effective September 2021; formerly PLAN 200 effective January 2020 B-Soc
REM 100-3 Global Change B-Soc
REM 200-3 Introduction to Resource and Environmental Management in Canada *effective May 2014 B-Soc/Sci
REM 207-3 Indigenous Peoples and Resource Management  B-Soc
REM 211-3 Introduction to Applied Ecology B-Sci
REM 321-4 Ecological Economics *effective September 2018 B-Soc
REM 452-8 Environmental Education *effective September 2020, formerly ENV 452 B-Sci
  **Course acronym change from SCD to SD effective September 2017**
SD 281-3 Introduction to Sustainability*effective September 2008; cross-listed with REM 281 B-Soc
SD 381-4 Building Sustainable Communities *effective September 2008; cross-listed with REM 281 B-Soc
SD 412-3 Technologies, Cultures and a Sustainable World
*effective May 2013; cross-listed with ENSC 412; B-Soc applies to ENV/SD version, formerly ENV 412


Faculty of Applied Sciences

Course No. Course Title B Type Other
CMPT 115-3 Exploring Computer Science B-Sci  
CMPT 120-3 Introduction to Computer Science and Programming l B-Sci Q
CMPT 128-3 Introduction to Computer Science and Programming for Engineers
*B-Sci effective September 2007
B-Sci Q
CMPT 130-3 Introduction to Computer Programming l *effective September 2012 B-Sci Q
CMPT 165-3 Introduction to the Internet and the World Wide Web B-Sci
CMPT 166-3 An Animated Introduction to Programming *effective September 2012 B-Sci Q
CMPT 320-3 Social Implications - Computerized Society B-Sci
ENSC 100-3 Engineering, Science and Society *B-Hum designation effective September 2010
B-Sci/Hum W
ENSC 412-3 Technologies, Cultures and a Sustainable World
*effective May 2013; cross-listed with ENV 412; B-Sci applies to ENSC version
MACM 101-3 Discrete Mathematics l B-Sci Q
MSE 102-3 Applied Science, Technology and Society *effective May 2013 B-Sci/Hum
TEKX 101-3 Introduction to 3D Printing and Laser Scanning Technologies *effective May 2019 B-Sci Q


Faculty of Education

Course No. Course Title B Type Other
EDUC 100-3 Selected Questions and Issues in Education B-Hum W
EDUC 211-3 Mathematical Experience l: Numbers and Beyond B-Sci Q
EDUC 212-3 Mathematical Experience ll: Shape and Space B-Sci Q
EDUC 220-3 Introduction to Educational Psychology *effective September 2011 B-Soc
EDUC 230-3 Introduction to Philosophy of Education B-Hum
EDUC 250-3 Studies in the History of Education in the Western World B-Hum/Soc
EDUC 311-3 Foundations in Indigenous Education, Language and Culture B-Hum
EDUC 341-3 Literacy, Education and Culture B-Hum
EDUC 452-8 Environmental Education *B effective May 2007; Q effective May 2011;
cross-listed with ENV 452
B-Sci Q
EDUC 454-4 Quantitative Approaches to Environmental Education B-Sci Q


Faculty of Health Sciences

Course No. Course Title B Type Other
HSCI 100-3 Human Biology *effective September 2012 B-Sci
HSCI 120-3 Introduction to Human Sexuality and Sexual Behaviour  *effective September 2009 B-Soc
HSCI 130-4 Foundations of Health Science *effective May 2013 B-Soc/Sci
HSCI 160-3 Global Perspectives on Health *effective January 2009 B-Soc


Beedie School of Business

Course No. Course Title B Type Other
BUS 200-3 Business Fundamentals *effective September 2016 B-Soc
BUS 233-3 Introduction to Business Law and Ethics *effective September 2017 B-Soc
BUS 238-3 Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Innovation *effective September 2014 B-Soc


Undergraduate Semester in Dialogue

Course No. Course Title B Type Other
DIAL 390-5 Undergraduate Semester: Dialogue *B-Hum effective May 2012 B-Soc/Hum W
DIAL 391-5 Undergraduate Semester: Seminar *B-Hum effective May 2012 B-Soc/Hum W
DIAL 392-5 Undergraduate Semester: Final Project *B-Hum effective September 2012 B-Soc/Hum W