Quantitative (Q) Courses

The following courses have been designated as Quantitative. This list is updated after approval by SFU Senate. Students should be aware that Q courses are available in a range of disciplines and course selections can be made from any of those disciplines as long as prerequisites are met.

Note: Course designations approved after September 2006 are noted in the lists below with italicized effective dates. Newly approved designations are NOT retroactive; they are effective as of the first offering after Senate approval.

Last updated March 2, 2022.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Course No. Course Title Other
CRIM 220-3 Research Methods in Criminology
CRIM 320-3 Quantitative Research Methods in Criminology
ECON 103-4 Principles of Microeconomics B-Soc
ECON 105-4 Principles of Macroeconomics B-Soc
ECON 201-4 Microeconomic Theory I: Competitive Behaviour
ECON 260-3 Environmental Economics
ECON 280-3 Introduction to Labour Economics
ECON 290-3 Canadian Microeconomic Policy
ECON 291-3 Canadian Macroeconomic Policy
ECON 302-4 Microeconomic Theory ll: Strategic Behaviour *effective September 2008
ECON 305-3 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
ECON 310-3 Money and Banking
ECON 325-3 Industrial Organization
ECON 331-5 Introduction to Mathematical Economics
ECON 333-4 Statistical Analysis of Economic Data *effective Fall 2019
ECON 342-3 International Trade
ECON 345-3 International Finance
ECON 355-4 Economic Development W
ECON 362-4 Economics of Natural Resources
ECON 381-3 Labour Economics
ECON 390-3 Public Policy
ECON 392-3 Public Economics: Role of Government
ECON 393-3 Public Economics: Taxation
ECON 402-3 Advanced Microeconomic Theory
ECON 403-3 Advanced Macroeconomic Theory
ECON 410-3 Seminar in Monetary Theory
ECON 428-3 Seminar in Experimental and Behavioral Economics
ECON 431-5 Intermediate Mathematical Economics
ECON 435-5 Econometric Methods
ECON 446-3 Seminar in International Finance
ECON 450-3 Seminar in Quantitative Economic History
ECON 455-3 Seminar in Economic Development
ECON 460-3 Seminar in Environmental Economics
ECON 490-3 Seminar in Public Choice
ECON 492-3 Seminar in Public Economics
ENGL 234-3 Metrics and Prosody *effective January 2011
FREN 417-3 Topics in the Structure of French *effective September 2012
GSWS 399-4 Gender, Sex and Numbers
LBST 202-3 Labour Research for Social Change: Methods and Approaches *effective September 2018
LING 282-3 Writing for Linguistics *effective January 2017 W
LING 324-3 Semantics
LING 400-3 Formal Linguistics
PHIL 105-3 Critical Thinking *course number change and B designations effective May 2016 B-SOC/SCI
PHIL 110-3 Introduction to Logic and Reasoning
PHIL 310-3 Logic, Proofs and Set Theory
POL 201-4 Introductory Quantitative Methods in Political Science
POL 314-4 Theory and Explanation in Political Science
POL 315-4 Intermediate Quantitative Methods
POL 390-3 Data Visualization and Political Analysis *effective September 2018
POL 426-4 Political Behaviour W
POL 434-4 Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict *effective September 2010; course number change effective September 2017, formerly POL 338W W
POL 451-4 Public Policy Analysis *effective September 2012
PSYC 201-4 Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology W
PSYC 210-4 Introduction to Data Analysis in Psychology
PSYC 301-4 Intermediate Research Methods and Data Analysis
PSYC 410-4 Research Design l
PSYC 411-4 Research Design ll
SA 255-4 Introduction to Social Research *effective September 2007
SA 257-4 Understanding Quantitative Research in Sociology and Anthropology *effective September 2016
SA 355-4 Quantitative Methods


Faculty of Science

Course No. Course Title Other
ACMA 101-3 Introduction to Insurance *effective September 2017 B-Sci
ACMA 201-3 Interest Theory and Applications *effective September 2021; formerly ACMA 210
ACMA 301-3 Long-Term Actuarial Mathematics l *effective September 2021; formerly ACMA 320
ACMA 340-3 Financial Economics for Actuaries *effective September 2017
ACMA 355-3 Loss Models I *effective September 2017
ACMA 360-3 Actuarial Communication *effective September 2017 W
ACMA 401-3 Long-Term Actuarial Mathematics ll *effective September 2021; formerly ACMA 425
ACMA 440-3 Models for Financial Economics *effective September 2017
ACMA 455-3 Loss Models II *effective September 2017
ACMA 465-3 Mathematics of Demography
ACMA 470-3 Property and Casualty Insurance
ACMA 475-3 Theory of Pension
BISC 421-3 Models in Biology: From Molecules to Migration *effective January 2018
** **Course acronym change from KIN to BPK effective September 2013**
BPK 201-3 Biomechanics
BPK 301-3 Biomechanics Laboratory
BPK 304-3 Inquiry and Measurement in Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology W
BPK 343-3 Active Health: Assessment and Programming
BPK 407-3 Human Physiology Laboratory
BPK 484-3 Altitude and Aerospace Physiology
CHEM 109-4 Introducation to Chemistry for Health Careers *effective April 2012  
CHEM 110-3 Introductory Chemistry B-Sci
CHEM 111-4 Introductory Chemistry and Laboratory B-Sci
CHEM 120-3 General Chemistry l B-Sci
CHEM 121-4 General Chemistry and Laboratory l B-Sci
CHEM 122-2 General Chemistry ll
CHEM 123-4 Enriched Chemistry I and Laboratory *effective Summer 2015
CHEM 124-3 Enriched Chemistry II *effective Summer 2015
CHEM 125-1 General Chemistry Laboratory l B-Sci
CHEM 126-2 General Chemistry Laboratory ll  
CHEM 191-3 Living in a Materials World: From the Stone Age to Nanoscience B-Sci
CHEM 192-3 Chemistry in Your Home, Work and Environment B-Sci
CHEM 210-2 Introduction to Analytical Chemistry
CHEM 215-4 Introduction to Analytical Chemistry and Laboratory
CHEM 216-2 Introduction to Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM 230-3 Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 236-3 Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory W
CHEM 260-4 Atoms, Molecules, Spectroscopy
CHEM 280-3 Organic Chemistry l
CHEM 281-4 Organic Chemistry and Laboratory l
CHEM 282-2 Organic Chemistry ll
CHEM 283-3 Organic Chemistry llb
CHEM 285-1 Organic Chemistry Laboratory l
CHEM 286-2 Organic Chemistry Laboratory ll
CHEM 316-4 Introductory Instrumental Analysis
CHEM 317-2 Analytical Environmental Chemistry
CHEM 332-3 The Chemistry of Transition Metals
CHEM 336-2 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 340-3 Materials Chemistry
CHEM 360-3 Thermodynamics and Chemical Kinetics
CHEM 363-3 Chemical Kinetics and Reaction Dynamics  
CHEM 366-3 Physical Chemistry Laboratory ll W
CHEM 367-2 Advanced Physical Chemistry Laboratory 
CHEM 371-3 Chemistry of the Aqueous Environment
CHEM 372-3 Chemistry of the Atmospheric Environment
CHEM 381-4 Intermediate Organic Chemistry
CHEM 432-3 Organometalic Chemistry
CHEM 440-3 Solid State Materials Chemistry
CHEM 442-3 Polymeric Materials Chemistry
CHEM 444-3 Organic Materials Chemistry
CHEM 450-3 Physical Organic Chemistry
CHEM 452-3 Bio-organic Chemistry
CHEM 455-3 Synthetic Organic Chemistry
CHEM 460-3 Advanced Physical Chemistry
CHEM 462-3 Molecular Spectroscopy
CHEM 465-3 Electrochemistry
EASC 207-3 Introduction to Applied Geophysics
EASC 208-3 Introduction to Geochemistry
EASC 304-3 Hydrogeology
EASC 305-3 Quantitative Methods for the Earth Sciences *effective May 2018
EASC 307-3 Applied Geophysics
EASC 314-3 Principles of Glaciology *effective January 2007
EASC 317-3 Global Geophysics
EASC 410-3 Groundwater Contamination and Transport
EASC 416-3 Field and Lab Techniques in Hydrogeology
MACM 101-3 Discrete Mathematics l B-Sci
MACM 201-3 Discrete Mathematics ll  
MACM 203-2 Computing with Linear Algebra *effective January 2011
MACM 204-2 Computing with Calculus *effective January 2011
MACM 300-3 Introduction to Formal Languages and Automata
MACM 316-3 Numerical Analysis l
MACM 401-3 Introduction to Computer Algebra
MACM 409-3 Numerical Linear Algebra and Optimization
MACM 416-3 Numerical Analysis ll
MACM 442-3 Cryptography
MATH 100-3 Precalculus
MATH 113-3 Euclidean Geometry
MATH 130-3 Geometry for Computer Graphics
MATH 150-4 Calculus l with Review
MATH 151-3 Calculus l
MATH 152-3 Calculus ll
MATH 154-3 Calculus l for the Biological Sciences
MATH 155-3 Calculus ll for the Biological Sciences
MATH 157-3 Calculus l for the Social Sciences
MATH 158-3 Calculus ll for the Social Sciences
MATH 160-3 Mathematics in Action W, B-Sci
MATH 178-3 Fractals and Chaos W, B-Sci
MATH 190-4 Principles of Mathematics for Teachers
MATH 197-3 Hitchhiker's Guide to Everyday Math
MATH 198-4 Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning
MATH 208-3 Introduction to Operations Research *Q and W effective September 2010 W
MATH 232-3 Applied Linear Algebra
MATH 240-3 Algebra I: Linear Algebra
MATH 242-3 Introduction to Analysis l
MATH 251-3 Calculus lll
MATH 252-3 Vector Calculus
MATH 254-3 Vector and Complex Analysis for Applied Sciences
MATH 260-3 Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations
MATH 302-3 Mathematical Journeys ll*effective September 2010
MATH 303-3 Mathematical Journeys lll *effective September 2010
MATH 304-3 Mathematical Journeys lV *effective September 2010
MATH 308-3 Linear Optimization
MATH 309-3 Continuous Optimization
MATH 314-3 Introduction to Fourier Methods and Partial Differential Equations
MATH 320-3 Introduction to Analysis ll
MATH 322-3 Complex Variables
MATH 338-3 Advanced Linear Algebra
MATH 340-3 Algebra II: Rings and Fields *effective September 2010
MATH 342-3 Elementary Number Theory
MATH 343-3 Applied Discrete Mathematics
MATH 345-3 Introduction to Graph Theory
MATH 348-3 Introduction to Probabilistic Models
MATH 360-3 Modeling with Ordinary Differential Equations  
MATH 380-3 History of Mathematics W
MATH 381-3 Mathematics Undergraduate Seminar *Q effective September 2010 W
MATH 402-4 Operations Research Clinic *W effective September 2010 W
MATH 408-3 Discrete Optimization
MATH 418-3 Partial Differential Equations
MATH 419-3 Linear Analysis
MATH 424-3 Complex Analysis
MATH 425-3 Real Analysis
MATH 440-3 Galois Theory
MATH 443-3 Combinational Theory
MATH 445-3 Graph Theory
MATH 447-3 Coding Theory
MATH 448-3 Network Flows
MATH 462-3 Fluid Dynamics
MATH 467-3 Dynamical Systems
MATH 470-3 Variational Calculus
MATH 480-3 The Art and Craft of Problem Solving
*course number change from MATH 370 effective September 2015
MBB 343-2 Data Science Laboratory for Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
NUSC 341-3 Introduction to Radiochemistry
NUSC 342-3 Introduction to Nuclear Science
NUSC 344-3 Nucleosynthesis and Distribution of the Elements
NUSC 346-3 Radiochemistry Laboratory
PHYS 101-3 Physics for the Life Sciences l B-Sci
PHYS 102-3 Physics for the Life Sciences ll B-Sci
PHYS 120-3 Mechanics and Modern Physics B-Sci
PHYS 121-3 Optics, Electricity and Magnetism B-Sci
PHYS 125-3 Mechanics and Spatial Relativity
PHYS 126-3 Electricity, Magnetism and Light
PHYS 132-1 Physics Laboratory l *effective September 2015
PHYS 133-1 Physics Laboratory ll *effective January 2016
PHYS 140-3 Studio Physics: Mechanics and Modern Physics B-Sci
PHYS 141-3 Studio Physics: Optics, Electricity and Magnetism B-Sci
PHYS 190-3 Introduction to Astronomy B-Sci
PHYS 211-3 Intermediate Mechanics
PHYS 233-2 Physics Laboratory lll
PHYS 234-3 Physics Laboratory lV
PHYS 255-3 Vibrations and Waves
PHYS 285-3 Quantum l
PHYS 313-3 Special Relativity
PHYS 321-3 Intermediate Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS 326-4 Electronics and Instrumentation
PHYS 332-4 Optics Laboratory W
PHYS 344-3 Thermal Physics
PHYS 346-3 Energy and Environment
PHYS 347-3 Introduction to Biological Physics
PHYS 365-3 Semiconductor Device Physics
PHYS 384-3 Methods of Theoretical Physics l
PHYS 385-3 Quantum ll
PHYS 390-3 Introduction to Cosmology and Astrophysics
PHYS 395-3 Computational Physics
PHYS 413-3 Advanced Mechanics
PHYS 415-3 Quantum lll
PHYS 416-3 Introduction to Quantum Information Science
PHYS 421-3 Electromagnetic Waves
PHYS 431-4 Advanced Physics Lab ll
PHYS 433-3 Biological Physics Laboratory
PHYS 445-3 Statistical Physics
PHYS 455-3 Modern Optics
PHYS 465-3 Solid State Physics
PHYS 484-3 Nonlinear Physics
PHYS 485-3 Particle Physics
PHYS 490-3 General Relativity and Gravitation
STAT 100-3 Chance and Data Analysis B-Sci
STAT 201-3 Statistics for the Life Sciences
STAT 203-3 Introduction to Statistics for Social Sciences
STAT 205-3 Introduction to Statistics *formerly STAT 101; new number effective May 2018
STAT 240-3 Introduction to Data Science *effective September 2016
STAT 270-3 Introduction to Probability and Statistics
STAT 285-3 Intermediate Probability and Statistics
STAT 302-3 Analysis of Experimental and Observational Data
STAT 305-3 Introduction to Biostatistical Methods for Health Sciences
STAT 310-2 Introduction to Data Science for the Social Sciences
STAT 320-2  Introduction to Data Science for the Life Sciences
STAT 330-3 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics
STAT 350-3 Linear Models in Applied Statistics
STAT 380-3 Introduction to Stochastic Processes
STAT 403-3 Intermediate Sampling and Experimental Design
STAT 410-3 Statistical Analysis of Sample Surveys
STAT 430-3 Statistical Design and Analysis of Experiments
STAT 445-3 Applied Multivariate Analysis
STAT 450-3 Statistical Theory
STAT 452-3 Statistical Learning and Prediction *effective September 2017
STAT 460-3 Bayesian Statistics
STAT 475-3 Applied Discrete Data Analysis
STAT 485-3 Applied Time Series Analysis 


Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology

Course No. Course Title Other
  **Course acronym change from FPA to CA effective September 2017**
CA 149-3 Sound *effective May 2013 (formerly FPA 184)
CA 247-3 Fixed Media Lab
CA 271-6 Production Ensemble ll *effective January 2015
CA 324-3 New Dance Composition *effective September 2012
CA 347-3 Live Electronics Lab
CMNS 201-4 Empirical Communication Research Methods *course number change effective May 2017; formerly CMNS 260
CMNS 325-4 Visualization and Visual Culture in Communication *effective May 2016
IAT 265-3 Multimedia Programming for Art and Design *effective September 2008
PUB 450-3 The Business of Publishing *effective May 2014


Faculty of Environment

Course No. Course Title Other
ARCH 285-4 Archaeological Science *Q and B designations effective January 2015 B-Sci
ARCH 376-4 Quantitative Methods in Archaeology
GEOG 213-3 Introduction to Geomorphology *Q and B effective September 2015 B-Sci
GEOG 214-3 Weather and Climate
GEOG 251-3 Quantitative Geography
GEOG 253-3 Introduction to Remote Sensing *B effective September 2015 B-Sci
GEOG 255-3 Geographic Information Science l
GEOG 311-4 Hydrology
GEOG 313-4 River Geomorphology
GEOG 314-4 The Climate System
GEOG 316-4 Global Biogeochemical and Water Cycles
GEOG 351-4 Multimedia Cartography
GEOG 352-4 Spatial Analysis
GEOG 353-4 Advanced Remote Sensing
GEOG 355-4 Geographical Information Science ll
GEOG 411-4 Advanced Hydrology
GEOG 414-4 Advanced Climatology
GEOG 451-4 Spatial Modeling
GEOG 453-4 Theoretical and Applied Remote Sensing W
GEOG 455-4 Theoretical and Applied GIS *W effective January 2016 W
REM 221-4 Systems Thinking and the Environment
REM 225-3 Quantitative Toolkit for Social Ecological Systems
REM 311-3 Applied Ecology and Sustainable Environments
REM 412-4 Environmental Modelling
REM 452-8 Environmental Education *effective Fall 2020, formerly ENV 452


Faculty of Applied Sciences

Course No. Course Title Other
CMPT 102-3 Introduction to Scientific Computer Programming
CMPT 110-3 Programming in Visual Basic
CMPT 120-3 Introduction to Computing Science and Programming l B-Sci
CMPT 125-3 Introduction to Computing Science and Programming ll
CMPT 128-3 Introduction to Computing Science and Programming for Engineering B-Sci
CMPT 129-3 Introduction to Computer Science and Programming for Mathematics and Statistics 
CMPT 130-3 Introduction to Computer Programming l *effective September 2012 B-Sci
CMPT 135-3 Introduction to Computer Programming ll *effective September 2012
CMPT 166-3 An Animated Introduction to Computing *effective September 2012 B-Sci
CMPT 225-3 Data Structures and Programming
ENSC 220-3 Electric Circuits I
ENSC 225-3 Microelectronics I
MSE 250-3 Electric Circuts  
TEKX 101-3 Introduction to 3D Printing and Laser Scanning Technologies *effective May 2019 B-Sci


Faculty of Education

Course No. Course Title Other
EDUC 211-3 Mathematical Experience l: Numbers and Beyond B-Sci
EDUC 212-3 Mathematical Experience ll: Shape and Space B-Sci
EDUC 222-3 Educational Psychology Laboratory
EDUC 313-3 Numeracy and Society
EDUC 375-3 Struggle with Mathematics: Sources and Recovery
EDUC 411-3 Investigations in Mathematics for Secondary Teachers
EDUC 415-4 Designs for Learning: Secondary Mathematics
EDUC 452-8 Environmental Education *Q effective May 2011; B-Sci effective May 2007; cross-listed with ENV 452 B-Sci
EDUC 454-4 Quantitative Approaches to Environmental Education B-Sci
EDUC 475-4 Designs for Learning: Elementary Mathematics

Beedie School of Business

Course No. Course Title  
BUS 207-3 Managerial Economics
BUS 221-3 Personal Finance *effective September 2017
BUS 232-3 Data and Decisions I *effective Fall 2019, formerly BUEC 232
BUS 251-3 Financial Accounting I
BUS 254-3 Managerial accounting I
BUS 312-4 Introduction to Finance
BUS 315-4 Investments
BUS 316-3 Derivative Securities
BUS 320-3 Financial Accounting: Assets
BUS 321-3 Financial Accounting: Equities
BUS 336-4 Data and Decisions II