Writing (W) Courses

The following courses have been designated as Writing-Intensive. This list is updated after approval by SFU Senate.

Note: Course designations approved after September 2006 are noted in the lists below with italicized effective dates. Newly approved designations are NOT retroactive; they are effective as of the first offering after Senate approval.

Note for transfer students: Courses that transfer to the SFU courses listed below do not automatically transfer as W. For courses taken at a BC college/teaching university please check the BC Transfer Guide to determine designation transfer. Coursework taken elsewhere will require individual assessment for W designation.

Last updated August 5, 2019.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Course No. Course Title Other
CRIM 300-3 Current Theories and Perspectives in Criminology
ECON 220-4 Economics in the News *effective January 2017
ECON 355-4 Economic Development Q
ECON 409-3 Seminar in Economic Thought
ECON 426-3 Industrial Organization: Governance and Institutions
ECON 427-3 Law and Economics formerly BUEC 427
ECON 448-3 Economics of Crime
ECON 450-3 Seminar in Quantitative Economic History Q
ECON 452-3 Seminar in Economic Prehistory
ECON 454-3 Economics of the Family
ECON 455-3 Seminar in Economic Development Q
ECON 499-6 Honours Seminar in Economics *effective January 2016
  **Effective September 2016, ENGL 101, 102, 103, 104 and 105 have been retired and replaced with ENGL 111, 112, 113, 114 and 115.
ENGL 111-3 Literary Classics *effective September 2016 B-Hum
ENGL 112-3 Literature Now *effective September 2016 B-Hum
ENGL 113-3 Literature and Performance *effective September 2016 B-Hum
ENGL 114-3 Language and Purpose *effective September 2016 B-Hum
ENGL 115-3 Literature and Culture *effective September 2016 B-Hum
ENGL 199-3 Introduction to University Writing
ENGL 400-4 Advanced Old English
ENGL 404-4 Topics in Medieval Literature
ENGL 407-4 Topics in Early English Drama
ENGL 410-4 Topics in Early Modern English Non-Dramatic Literature
ENGL 416-4 Early Modern Authors
ENGL 420-4 Topics in 18th Century Literature
ENGL 427-4 Topics in the Romantic Period
ENGL 434-4 Topics in the Victorian Period
ENGL 435-4 Topics in the Literature of the Long 19th Century
ENGL 436-4 Topics in Literature of Transition 19th-20th Centuries
ENGL 438-4 Topics in Modernism
ENGL 440-4 Topics in British Literature Post 1945
ENGL 447-4 Topics in American Literature Before 1900
ENGL 449-4 Topics in American Literature Since 1900
ENGL 453-4 Aboriginal Literatures
ENGL 454-4 North American Poetry and Poetics
ENGL 455-4 Topics in Canadian Literature
ENGL 457-4 Topics in Asian North American Literature
ENGL 465-4 Topics in Critical Theory
ENGL 468-4 Topics in Drama
ENGL 470-4 Studies in the English Language
ENGL 472-4 Advanced Creative Writing *effective May 2012
ENGL 475-4 Topics in Rhetoric
ENGL 484-4 Topics in Media, Culture and Performance
ENGL 486-4 Topics in Gender, Sexuality and Literature
ENGL 487-4 Topics in Children's Literature
ENGL 492-4 Topics in World Literatures in English
FNST 110-4 International Indigenous Lifewriting *W effective January 2017; B effective May 2017 B-Hum
FNST 201-3 Canadian Aboriginal Peoples' Perspectives on History *effective September 2015 B-Soc
FNST 353-3 Heritage Stewardship in First Nations *effective September 2013
FNST 402-3 The Discourse of Aboriginal Peoples *effective May 2014
FNST 443-3 Aboriginal Peoples, History and the Law *effective September 2014
FREN 301-3 Advanced French Composition
FREN 407-3 Language in Translation *effective January 2013
GSWS 355-4 Through a Gendered Lens *effective January 2016
GSWS 398-4 Feminist Currents
HIST 102-3 Post-Confederation Canadian History B-Hum
HIST 209-3 Latin America: the National Period *W and B-Soc effective January 2015 B-Hum/Soc
HIST 214-3 Quebec Society, Culture and Politics *W effective May 2019 B-Hum
HIST 345-4 Selected Topics in European History
HIST 368-4 Selected Topics in the History of the Wider World
HIST 374-4 Selected Topics in the History of the Americas
HIST 417-3 Problems in Modern French History *effective May 2014
HIST 419-3 Problems in Modern Russian History *effective September 2014
HIST 425-3 Gender and History *effective May 2014
HIST 433-3 Italian Films and History *effective May 2014
HIST 444-3 Conceptualizing Atlantic Canada *effective May 2014
HIST 447-3 The Nikkei Experience in North America *effective September 2014
HIST 455-3 Race in the Americas *effective May 2014
HIST 458-3 Problems in Latin American Regional History *effective May 2014
HIST 459-3 Problems in Latin American Political Social History *effective May 2014
HIST 462-3 Religion, Ethnicity and Politics in 20th Century Northern Ireland *effective May 2014
HIST 463-3 Resistance, Rebellion, and Revolution in Theory and in Practice *effective May 2015
HIST 468-3 Problems in the History of Religion *effective May 2014
HIST 471-3 Women in Japanese History *effective May 2014
HIST 472-3 Problems in World History *effective May 2014
HIST 473-3 Making of South African Society *effective May 2014
HIST 479-3 Change, Conflict and Resistance in 20th Century China *effective May 2014
HUM 101-3 Introduction to the Humanities B-Hum
HUM 102-3 Classical Mythology B-Hum
HUM 302-4 The Golden Age of Greece: an Integrated Society B-Hum
HUM 312-4 Renaissance Studies *B effective January 2015 B-Hum
HUM 321-4 The Humanities and Critical Thinking *W effective January 2012 B-Hum
IS 209-3 Latin America: the National Period *effective January 2015 B-Hum/Soc
IS 313-4 Nationalism, Democracy and Development in Modern India *effective January 2009
IS 450-4 Seminar on Global Problems in Interdisciplinary Perspective *effective January 2008
LBST 301-3 Labour Movements: Contemporary Issues and Images *effective January 2016
LING 282-3 Writing for Linguistics *effective January 2017 Q
LING 301-3 Linguistic Argumentation
LING 309-3 Sociolinguistics
LING 482-3 Topics in Linguistics III
PHIL 100-3 Knowledge and Reality B-Hum
PHIL 120-3 Moral Problems *name change effective September 2015 B-Hum
PHIL 319-3 Applied Health Ethics *effective September 2008
PHIL 345-3 Philosophy of Mathematics *effective September 2018
PHIL 421-4 Advanced Topics in Ethical Theory
PHIL 451-4 Advanced Topics in the History of Philosophy
PHIL 455-4 Contemporary Issues in Epistemology and Metaphysics
PHIL 467-4 Seminar ll
POL 101-3 Introduction to Politics and Government * POL 101 is the W version of POL 100 B-Soc
POL 381-4 Japanese Politics *effective September 2015
POL 405-4 Interpretation, Conflict and Controversy in Public Policy *effective May 2018
POL 416-4 Feminist Social and Political Thought *effective May 2018
POL 421-4 Rights, Equality and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms *effective May 2018
POL 426-4 Canadian Political Behaviour Q
POL 430-4 Democracy in a Global World *effective September 2017
POL 434-3 Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict *effective September 2010; course number change effective September 2017, formerly POL 338W Q
POL 445-4 American Foreign Policy *effective September 2013
POL 446-4 International Relations in East Asia *effective September 2015
POL 451-4 Public Policy Analysis *effective May 2018
POL 452-4 Energy Policy *effective January 2012
POL 457-4 Technology and Innovation Policy *effective January 2012
PSYC 109-3 Brain, Mind and Society *formerly PSYC X99 B-Sci
PSYC 201-4 Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology Q
PSYC 300-3 Critical Analysis of Issues in Psychology
SA 100-4 Perspectives on Canadian Society *effective May 2008 B-Soc
SA 201-4 Anthropology and Contemporary Life
SA 302-4 Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism B-Soc
SA 356-4 Ethnography and Qualitative Methods
WL 101-3 Writing in World Literature *W and B effective January 2011 B-Hum
WL 103-3 Early World Literatures *W effective January 2011 B-Hum
WL 104-3 Modern World Literatures *W effective January 2011 B-Hum
WL 105-3 World Literature Lab *W effective September 2016; B effective September 2017 B-Hum
WL 301-4 Writing and Research *effective September 2010
WL 305-3 Sages and Poets *W effective January 2011; B effective September 2014 B-Hum
WL 404-3 Literature and Translation *effective January 2011


Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology

Course No. Course Title Other
  **Course acronym change from FPA to CA effective September 2017**
CA 210-3 Artworks, Theories, Contexts *effective January 2019
CA 228-3 Dance Aesthetics
CA 238-3 Screenwriting l *effective January 2010
CA 257-3 Context of Theatre l *effective September 2009; B effective May 2013 B-Hum
CA 319-3 Critical Writing in the Arts
CA 338-3 Screenwriting ll *effective September 2009
CA 357-3 Context of Theatre ll *effective January 2011; B effective May 2013 B-Hum
CA 412-4 Advanced Seminar in Art and Culture Studies *efffective January 2015
CMNS 201-3 Empirical Communication Research Methods *effective January 2018 Q
CMNS 223-3 Advertising as Social Communication
CMNS 253-3 Introduction to Information Technology: New Media
CMNS 304-4 Communication and Everyday Life
CMNS 323-4 Cultural Dimensions in Advertising *effective January 2009
CMNS 455-4 Women and New Information Technologies *effective May 2017
IAT 103-3 Design, Communication and Collaboration *effective September 2011
IAT 206-3 Media Across Cultures *W effective January 2012 B-Hum
IAT 309-3 Writing Methods for Research*effective January 2009
PUB 210-3 Fundamentals of Professional Writing *effective May 2013
PUB 355-4 Online Marketing for Publishers *effective January 2012


Faculty of Applied Sciences

Course No. Course Title Other
CMPT 105-3 Process, Form, and Convention in Professional Genres *effective September 2010
CMPT 322-3 Professional Responsibility and Ethics *effective January 2009
CMPT 376-3 Technical Writing and Group Dynamics
ENSC 100-3 Engineering Science and Society *B-Hum option effective September 2010 B-Hum/Sci
ENSC 105-3 Process, Form, and Convention in Professional Genres *effective January 2011
ENSC 405-3 Project Documentation, User Interface Design, and Group Dynamics *effective January 2017
MSE 101-3 Process, Form, and Convention in Professional Genres *effective May 2013
MSE 401-1 Project Documentation and Group Dynamics *effective May 2013
MSE 405-4 The Business of Engineering ll *effective May 2015
SEE 101-3 Process, Form, and Convention in Professional Genres *effective September 2018
SEE 400-3 Technical Communication *effective September 2020


Faculty of Environment

Course No. Course Title Other
ARCH 272-3 Archaeology of the Old World *W effective September 2012 B-Soc
ARCH 471-5 Archaeological Theory *effective September 2008
ENV 320-3 Ethics and the Environment *effective September 2012
EVSC 201-3 Environmental Science in Practice *effective September 2017
GEOG 266-3 Geography in Practice *effective September 2019
GEOG 322-4 World Resources
GEOG 362-4 Geography of Urban Built Environments
GEOG 381-4 Territory, Power, State
GEOG 389-4 Human Ecology: Human Relations to Nature
GEOG 412-4 Glacial Processes and Environments
GEOG 417-4 Soil Science ll
GEOG 440-4 Property, Land, Society
GEOG 453-4 Theoretical and Applied Remote Sensing Q
GEOG 455-4 Theoretical and Applied GIS *W effective January 2016 Q
REM 202-3 Technical Communication for Resource Professionals and Planners *effective September 2019
REM 356-3 Institutional Arrangements for Sustainable Environmental Management *effective September 2018


Faculty of Science

Course No. Course Title Other
ACMA 360-3 Actuarial Communication *effective September 2017 Q
BISC 302-3 Genetic Analysis
BISC 307-3 Animal Physiology Laboratory
BISC 360-3 Techniques in Ecology and Evolution *effective January 2017
BISC 367-3 Plant Physiology Laboratory
BISC 440-3 Biodiversity
BISC 492-5 Research Reporting
BISC 497-3 Undergraduate Research (Writing Intensive)
** **Course acronym change from KIN to BPK effective September 2013**
BPK 180-3 Introduction to Ergonomics
BPK 304-3 Inquiry and Measurement in Biomedical Physiology & Kinesiology Q
BPK 417-3 Obesity, Adipocyte Function, and Weight Management *effective January 2012
BPK 451-3 Practicum lll *effective May 2013
CHEM 236-3 Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory Q
CHEM 366-3 Physical Chemistry Laboratory I *effective September 2007 Q
EASC 209-4 Environmental Geoscience *effective September 2013; formerly EASC 303W
EASC 310-3 Paleontology
EASC 315-3 Geochemistry of Natural Waters *effective May 2013
MATH 160-3 Mathematics in Action Q, B-Sci
MATH 178-3 Fractals and Chaos Q, B-Sci
MATH 208-3 Introduction to Operations Research *W and Q effective September 2010 Q
MATH 380-3 History of Mathematics Q
MATH 381-3 Mathematics Undergraduate Seminar *effective September 2009 Q
MATH 402-3 Operations Research Clinic *W effective January 2011 Q
MATH 480-3 The Art and Craft of Problem Solving *formerly MATH 370   Q
MATH 499-5 Honours Research Project *effective September 2015
MBB 309-3 Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Lab II
PHYS 332-3 Advance Physics Laboratory I Q
PHYS 433-3 Biophysics Laboratory *effective September 2016
STAT 300-3 Statistics Communication


Beedie School of Business

Course No. Course Title Other
BUS 217-3 Critical Thinking in Business *effective September 2017
BUS 360-3 Business Communication


Faculty of Education

Course No. Course Title Other
EDUC 100-3 Selected Questions and Issues in Education *effective September 2007 B-Hum
EDUC 342-3 Contemporary Approaches to Literacy Instruction *effective September 2011
EDUC 352-4 Building on Reflective Practice *effective September 2011
EDUC 371-4 School Health Education
EDUC 401-8 Introduction to Classroom Teaching *effective Sept. 2007
EDUC 402-7 Studies of Educational Theory and Practice *effective September 2007
EDUC 412-4 Designs for Learning: Secondary Language Arts
EDUC 428-4 Nature and Nurture of Gifted Students
EDUC 473-4 Designs for Learning: Reading
EDUC 485-8 Designs for Learning: Writing


Faculty of Health Sciences

Course No. Course Title Other
HSCI 319-3 Applied Health Ethics *effective September 2008


Undergraduate Semester in Dialogue

Course No. Course Title Other
DIAL 390-5 Undergraduate Semester: Dialogue *B-Hum effective May 2012 B-Soc/B-Hum
DIAL 391-5 Undergraduate Semester: Seminar *B-Hum effective May 2012 B-Soc/B-Hum
DIAL 392-5 Undergraduate Semester: Final Project *B-Hum effective September 2012 B-Soc/B-Hum