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Episode 114: Designing Equitable Spaces — with Anthonia Ogundele

April 07, 2021
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Anthonia also discusses the inequalities of the education system with respect to STEAM and innovation programs, and the importance of centering the Black experience when creating spaces for youth.

Ethos Lab is a non-profit social enterprise that is developing an online collaborative platform and creative co-working spaces for youth ages 13-18 that foster the exploration of culture and STEAM.

About Our Guest

Anthonia Ogundele

As a trained planner and resilience professional, Anthonia Ogundele has a passion for cities and engaging communities.

She was a member of the North East False Creek Stewardship Committee, igniting the re-imaging on Hogan’s Alley. In 2016 she turned a storefront facing closet into the Cheeky Proletariat, located on Carrall street, which is an accessible and inclusive space for the free expression of all people.

She recently left her role at Vancity Credit Union, as the Manager of Environmental Sustainability, Business Continuity and Emergency Planning to become the Founder of the Ethọ́s Lab, a non-profit social enterprise leveraging the cooperative model to develop an online collaborative platform and creative co-working spaces for youth ages 12-18, that foster Culture and STEM focused Exploration. 

Through Ethọ́s Lab she is hoping to inspire a legacy of Black leadership as well as answer the question: "What might place/Space making look like when you centre the Humanity of the Black experience?"


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