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Episode 206: Strange Joy — with Erika Latta

March 21, 2023
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On this episode of Below the Radar, our host Am Johal is joined by Erika Latta, Assistant Professor in Theatre Performance at SFU’s School for the Contemporary Arts, and the Artistic co-director and co-founder of WaxFactory in New York.

Am and Erika explore her journey as a theatre-maker – from her memorable experiences touring throughout Europe, pushing platforms in the mud for site-specific work with Begat Theatre, and working with performance students on the upcoming production of Strange Joy! Erika also speaks about growing up in the woods in Oregon with artistic parents, pushing artistic boundaries in university, and co-founding WaxFactory.

About Our Guest

Erika Latta

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Erika Latta is the artistic co-director and co-founder of WaxFactory in New York City and an Assistant Professor in Theatre Performance at SFU’s School for the Contemporary Arts.

WaxFactory continues to nurture a hybrid approach, based on unconventional narrative styles, originally dramaturgy, visual and physical rigor, technological experimentation and site-responsive work. With the company, she works as a director, writer, actor, sound designer and educator. As an actor and director she has presented work in international venues and festivals throughout Europe and Latin America creating long lasting partnerships with artists and designers. She holds a BFA in Theater from the University of Washington, and an MFA in Acting from Columbia University. 

Erika is also an associate director of the French trans-media company Begat Theater. For Begat, she co-conceived, directed, designed sound and co-wrote several of Begat productions. Begat Theater’s productions have been awarded numerous grants, co-productions and partnerships, as well as the generous support from FACE (French American Fund for Contemporary Theater). Erika is a member of the Society of Authors (SACD) in France, and she continues to author and co-author many of the original productions for both WaxFactory and Begat Theater. Outside her company, she has worked with Felix Barret and Maxine Doyle of Punchdrunk (SLEEP NO MORE), Robert Wilson at the Watermill Center, Anne Bogart (SITI Company), Robert Woodruff, Victor Gautier Martin, Tina Landau, and Chuck Mee , among others.

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