Meet the Finalists

Coast Capital Savings Venture Prize 2021

We're excited to introduce the finalists who will be racing to the end in April. From fintech to life education for youth to detecting unpredictable diseases, the finalists demonstrate the need for entrepreneurship and innovation across the field.

Idea Stream
Easance | FinValley Finance Inc. | Haiven | Iuvox | Lifesaver | Livshows | planEd

Venture Stream
Advisor Flow | BAK'D Cookies | Fibrilex Canada Inc.LABORA Consulting Services Corp. | Moment Energy | NANEXE | Nava Ventures Ltd. | SPARK Foundation | Streamline Athletes



Founder(s): Nneoma Chiakwelu
SFU: Business undergrad student
Website: N/A
Social media: N/A

About 80% of women will experience period pain at some point in their lifetime. For some, the monthly pain is so intense that it disrupts their daily lives. Yet there are few products on the market that allow women to comfortably and easily find pain relief in public places. Easance aims to be the first electronically heated garment producer for period cramps relief.


FinValley Finance Inc.

Founder(s): Kelvin Musodza; Rufaro Mupanguri
SFU: N/A; Business alumnus
Social media: Instagram/LinkedIn

Currently, there is no formal system or platform for financial literacy education for teenagers in British Columbia. In a time marred by wealth inequality, rising student debt, and democratized investment opportunities, youth are woefully unprepared to handle the financial realities of life. FinValley Finance’s platform, myFinValley, is a web-based learning management system for high schoolers, to teach them crucial financial literacy lessons including, interest, basic investing and much more. The platform will be administered to school boards, private schools, and/or government institutions to make available to teachers who will administer it to students for a per student/semester fee.


Founder(s): Jenny Huang; Paige Tuttosi
SFU: N/A; Science/statistics PhD student
Website: N/A
Social media: N/A

According to Statistics Canada, in 2018 there were nearly 100,000 reported cases of intimate partner violence. However, even more incidents of violence go unseen and unreported every day. Haiven is a non-profit organization interested in improving the safety and well-being of victims impacted by intimate partner violence and abuse through technological innovation. Our flagship app is a notification system which allows users to signal an emergency contact when they are in dangerous situations. In addition, we are exploring ways that we can introduce technology to survivors of domestic violence in order to provide them with sustainable long-term career benefits.


Founder(s): Michelle De La O
SFU: Business undergrad student
Website: N/A
Social media: Linkedin/Instagram

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the ineffectiveness of traditional cleaning methods. Iuvox Solutions is tackling this issue by introducing safe, constant sanitization within closed spaces where airborne transmission rates are highest. Using a recently discovered wavelength, our solution implements far-ultraviolet light which excels at safely inactivating aerosol and airborne pathogens in occupied rooms. Iuvox Technologies offers an unobtrusive, automated sanitation solution, decreasing the need for intensive labour while still achieving germicidal efficacy. Our solution presents a massive opportunity for safe, long-term, high-quality sanitization, applicable during the COVID-19 pandemic and far beyond.


Founder(s): Kirsten Milic
SFU: Business undergrad student
Website: N/A
Social media: N/A

Lifesaver is a customizable scheduling platform that helps recreation program managers build complex employee schedules. It takes the frustration and time consumption out of the task to quickly schedule large and complex teams with varying roles, certifications, pay grades and availability. Lifesaver also keeps track of employee certifications and qualifications to avoid scheduling an employee with expired credentials. The platform will save recreation centres staffing hours, increase employee satisfaction and meet important recreation-specific needs.


Founder(s): Bassam Mirghani
SFU: SIAT alumnus
Social media: Instagram/Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter/YouTube

A no-code platform that allows you to instantly create and publish immersive augmented reality(AR) experiences. The Livshows AR builder will enable you to convert your designs into 3D augmented reality content and then instantly publish and share it with your audience without downloading an app. The tool keeps it dynamic and straightforward: you can publish your designs, modify them, and re-publish them when you want. The ease of the service allows creatives to work end-to-end, all in the comfort of their browser.


Founder(s): Walid Al Habboul; Taha Ben Esmael
SFU: FAS Computer Science alumnus; Business and FCAT alumnus
Social media: Instagram

planEd is a peer-to-peer online educational services marketplace where prospective students seeking advice are matched with current students and recent alumni based on interests, aspirations and background. The platform allows advice seekers to receive relevant, personalized and timely information about educational options. Advisors may provide services for a fee. planEd aims to empower students to make informed decisions and democratize access to educational opportunities.


Advisor Flow

Founder(s): Bill Collier; Brandon Chapman; Shirin Escarcha; Patrick LaFlamme
SFU: FAS Computer Science alumnus; Business alumnus; Communications alumnus; N/A
Social media: LinkedIn

Advisor Flow offers a software as a service (SaaS) web application for financial advisors to send branded questionnaires to clients to assist with onboarding. Automation, data aggregation and improving the workflow for a traditional industry is the focus of the Advisor Flow team, currently with one integration operational and more on the horizon.

BAK’D Cookies

Founder(s): Andy Nguyen; Jessica Nguyen
SFU: N/A; Business alumnus
Social media: Instagram

Having a tough day or year? Want something absolutely delicious? Get BAK’D! BAK’D came into fruition at the start of the pandemic when the brother and sister duo co-founders baked up some comfort of their own. The baked-to-order cookies are almost the size of hockey pucks and delivered right to customers’ doorsteps. Their goal is to and positively impact the community through each cookie sale, whether it be supporting fundraising efforts, donations to charities, and more.

Fibrilex Canada Inc.

Founder(s): Mirjam Mai
SFU: Beedie Grad Certificate in Science & Tech Commercialization
Social media: Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter

Fibrilex provides a solution for pre-cast concrete manufacturers who can’t source construction sand reliably or economically. Their additive enables the use of locally available sand types that are typically not viable for concrete. Using Fibrilex’s Engineered Aggregates produces a type of concrete with improved properties compared to regular sand. Unlike other sustainable concrete solutions that do not address sand shortages and related environmental problems, Fibrilex opens up access to a stable, local sand supply that keeps marine ecosystems unharmed.

LABORA Consulting Services Corp.

Founder(s): Jaspal Brar; Rene Blanco; Ryan Klatt; Maryann Delfin
SFU: All are MBA alumni
Social media: Instagram/Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter

LABORA's mission is to enhance the Canadian agriculture ecosystem by helping farm owners securely and efficiently pay their seasonal agricultural workers and benefit from the streamlined money transfer process from Canada back home. Further simplifying the administrative process, LABORA's AgTech platform streamlines workers’ tax returns submissions and provides online services to keep their remittances, payroll stubs, T4s, employment records, contracts, certifications and CPP contributions up to date at no cost.

Moment Energy

Founder(s): Gabriel Soares; Edward Chiang; Sumreen Rattan; Gurmesh Sidhu
SFU: All are FAS Mechatronics Systems Engineering alumni
Social media: Instagram/LinkedIn/Twitter

Moment Energy is a cleantech company creating sustainable energy storage systems for microgrid, commercial and industrial customers. Their solution helps with peak energy demands and can be paired with any renewable source to solve energy intermittency and increase energy reliability. As an impact-driven organization, Moment creates their solution with second life electric vehicle (EV) batteries, where they provide a reliable, environmentally-friendly, and price-competitive offering. Moment was featured on CTV and CityNews and has been granted multiple awards in the venture space. Moment is a MaRS Discovery District, Foresight CleanTech Accelerator, and SFU Venture Connection portfolio company.


Founder(s): Nabil Shalabi; Ben Chew, Dirk Lange; Kenichi Takahata
SFU: Invention to Innovation alumnus; N/A; N/A; N/A
Social media: N/A

NANEXE has a mission to diagnose unpredictable diseases. Kidney stones are one of those diseases that afflicts 10% of the planet. Currently, doctors diagnose stones through in-hospital CT scans and X-rays and then, very commonly, treat patients with ureteral stents. However, 80% of patients experience ureteral stent complication like pain, infection, or stent encrustation. NANEXE created a Smart Ureteral Stent that will improve outcomes by monitoring patients directly from their home. A nanotechnology wireless pressure sensor embedded into the stents sends an early warning to doctors so they can treat before unnecessary patient morbidity.

Nava Ventures Ltd.

Founder(s): Gurjeet Matharu; Milap Dhaliwal; Chris Johnson; Daman Dhillon
SFU: FAS Systems Engineering alumnus; FAS Computer Engineering alumnus; Business alumnus; N/A
Social media: Instagram/LinkedIn

Banking is changing. Credit unions are at risk of being taken over by big banks and fintech companies. Nava Ventures is a software as a service (SaaS) company that offers an ecosystem of innovative FinTech products for credit unions. Our products assist with member engagement, retention, liquidity, and help credit unions compete with larger organizations.

SPARK Foundation

Founder(s): Rochelle Prasad; Amandeep Boparai
SFU: FASS undergrad student; Business undergrad student
Social media: Instagram/Facebook

Founded by a team passionate for the community, SPARK Foundation empowers young people through life education so they have the foundation to build a better life. The workshops, camps and community events collectively help youth build strong morals and values. SPARK believes in order for cities to be the best they can be, investment into young people is a must.

Streamline Athletes

Founder(s): Brett Montrose; Alexandre Paré; Keir Forster; Sophie Dodd
SFU: Communications alumnus; Education and Business alumnus; FHS alumnus; Business and Sustainability alumnus
Social media: Instagram/Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter

Streamline Athletes is a digital sports recruitment platform that democratizes access to education and sport for student-athletes while saving collegiate teams time and money in their recruiting. They provide free access for student-athletes and a business-to-business (B2B) software solution for college coaches. Compared to alternatives, Streamline Athletes gives athletes of all socioeconomic backgrounds the tools and info to make confident decisions, while providing data-driven recruiting for coaches.