Meet the Finalists

Coast Capital Venture Prize 2022

We're excited to introduce the finalists who will be touching up their presentations and honing their speaking skills for final pitches in early April. From fintech to sustainable fashion to game-changing water treatment technology, the finalists demonstrate the need for entrepreneurship and innovation across all sectors.

Idea Stream

90 Days of Wine by WineisseurCreator TradeCreditSwitcherFingerprint Electric Bicycles | IndianSuitShop | IndigetreeOne Iota Performance Inc. | PARCEL

Venture Stream

AdvisorFlowAutonopiaCharlie PaisleyCoinPlayMeaningfulWorkNANOSentinel Technologies Corp. | ODEN Health Solutions Inc.Seedling Art Co.Tires 2 GoViridis Research



90 Days of Wine by Wineisseur

Founder(s): Deanna Lowe
SFU: Business alumnus
Social media: InstagramFacebook / Pinterest

Wineisseur is a blog that seeks to reduce the large knowledge gap in the North American wine market by providing simplicity on the complex world of wine. We plan on designing a product called 90 Days of Wine - a book that brings readers on an experiential wine journey through fun, interactive challenges to help them become a wine connoisseur. With the book, readers get access to wines at an affordable price for the challenges. Through our offerings, we hope to empower people to delve into world of wine by creating more accessible and engaging means of learning.

Creator Trade

Founder(s): Eddie Cheng
SFU: Business undergraduate student
Website: N/A
Social media: N/A

A no-code digital platform where content creators can easily create a shop to sell their content as NFT digital collectibles. Content creators upload their content, whether it's video, audio or images and seamlessly turn them into collections of NFTs. Their collections are displayed in a shop, which has a link that they can place in the description of their social media or Linktree. It will close the gap of intimacy for superfans while content creators would be provided with a new income stream. The ease of use aims to accelerate the mass adoption of NFT technology beyond cryptocurrency enthusiasts.



Founder(s): Jeevan Singh, Nolan Wallinger, Ben Marshall
SFU: Business undergraduate student, Business alumnus, Arts and Communications undergraduate student
Social media: Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

CreditSwitcher is a digital platform that gives users a simple solution to switch recurring payments from one credit card to another. By empowering users to track, manage, and cancel payments, they can stay up-to-date on their bills and subscriptions. Compared to competitors, CreditSwitcher provides more than just budgeting features - it takes away the hassle involved when a card is lost, stolen, or expires, and allows an easier transition to credit cards that offer better travel benefits, rewards, and rates.

Fingerprint Electric Bicycles

Founder(s): Anthony King
SFU: Invention to Innovation (i2I) graduate student
Social media: N/A

If more people cycled each day, we would be healthier and happier knowing that we are helping to take better care of the planet. Our next-generation electronic bicycle is designed to allow the older and less able to cycle comfortably by simply flattening roads so they can ride anywhere without overexertion. By making cycling easier, safer and smarter, we can encourage people of all ages and abilities to leave their car at home and use a bike for local transport.


Founder(s): Karen Sandhu
SFU: Management of Technology MBA graduate student
Website: N/A
Social media: N/A

A one-stop shop for all your lightly worn Indian clothing and accessory needs. This fashion sustainability company provides a platform to buy and sell Indian clothing and accessories online from the comfort of your home. No more storing your Indian attire in your closets. Through the IndianSuitShop, you can easily upload your items and share your Indian attire experience with others. This increases money in your wallet, increases your closet space AND has a positive environmental impact.


Founder(s): Dawn Wilson
SFU: Indigenous Studies and Sustainable Development undergraduate student
Website: N/A
Social media: N/A

Indigetree is a personalized Indigenous family tree album. The book is leather bound and has space to record origin stories, puberty ceremonies, potlatches, powwows, family songs, family stories, family tracts of land, place names, recipes, and photos. 


One Iota Performance Inc.

Founder(s): Matthew Steinbach, Ryan Stolys, Kim Senecal
SFU: Staff and Communications alumnus, Engineering undergraduate student
Social media: Instagram

OneIota Performance Inc. is a small startup with the mission of helping our end users get one iota better on their performance and self-development journeys each day. We provide simple and intuitive tools and systems that help people track, reflect on and use data to identify trends and uncover insights that will allow them to improve their performance. Our primary focus is on golf where we currently have a small user base of high-performance competitive golfers. Our current offerings include advanced golf statistics tracking, daily habit tracking and event preparation and assessment tools.



Founder(s): Andrew Silversides, Imran Hassam, Kevin Spooner, Betty Han 
SFU: MBA graduate students
Website: N/A
Social media: N/A

A software program that provides transparency and addresses numerous inefficiencies in the current permit application process.  For developers and residents, this will avoid significant delays in housing projects. This program will guide and streamline the initial application process for developers, ensuring complete and accurate applications. Our software will also provide confirmation of submission that the application has been received by the city as applicants are currently unsure. By reducing delays in the permit process, our platform will aid in increasing housing stock, increasing revenues, reducing costs, and scheduling frustrations for developers, builders, contractors, and homeowners.




Founder(s): Brandon Chapman, Bill Collier, Shirin Escarcha
SFU: Business alumnus, Computer Science alumnus, Communications alumnus
Social media: LinkedIn / Twitter

AdvisorFlow simplifies data gathering for financial advisors while enhancing the client onboarding and compliance experience. Our digital platform is used to power insurance and wealth advisor practises across Canada.



Founder(s): Mohammad Dabiri, Hossein Kamali
SFU: Applied Sciences PhD alumnus and postdoc
Social media: LinkedIn

Autonopia's product is a robotic platform that takes over maintenance tasks on inaccessible vertical surfaces, such as cleaning the windows of a high-rise. These types of work today require a human workers to do hundred of meters above the ground which is highly risky and inefficient.


Charlie Paisley

Founder(s): Taylor Wilson, Alex Putrenko
SFU: Criminology undergraduate student, Business and Technology alumnus
Social media: Instagram / Facebook / Pinterest

Charlie Paisley is a slow fashion brand with a mission to create a new sustainable standard for accessories. Our products are handmade in Vancouver, Canada from naturally derived, biodegradable, remnant and vintage deadstock fabrics.



Founder(s): Daniel Istifanus
SFU: Applied Sciences undergraduate student
Social media: Instagram / Facebook

Coinplay is a Vancouver-based cryptocurrency exchange platform that operates within Canada and internationally. We provide customers with secure methods of selling and purchasing various cryptocurrencies. Our operational model is designed to prioritize the needs of our customers. We offer flexibility by providing multiple payment methods and reliability through quick and efficient transactions. Our mission is to build a trustworthy community within the crypto space.


Founder(s): Raaj Chatterjee, Leejoo Hwang, James Young
SFU: Mechatronics Sytems Engineering PhD, Business undergraduate student, Computer Science undergraduate student
Social media: Facebook / Instagram / LinkedIn

MeaningfulWork connects people to purpose and impact. We are building the most impactful global community for giving by engaging companies and their employees to volunteer and building capacity at local nonprofits.


NANOSentinel Technologies Corp.

Founder(s): Viridiana Perez, Jacobus van Nieuwkoop, Thomas Holm
SFU: Invention to Innovation (i2I) alumnus, Business and Science alumnus
Social media: LinkedIn / Instagram / Twitter

NANOSentinel has developed an accurate and portable technology to measure trace metals from macro and nanoscale samples of solids and liquids. Our device is automated and fast, acting as a mini laboratory that quantifies samples in only 4 minutes.


ODEN Health Solutions Inc.

Founder(s): Alex McGovern
SFU: Applied Sciences alumnus
Social media: LinkedIn

ODEN is developing a wearable device to monitor a wearer's vital signs while they use drugs, and detect an overdose. When an overdose occurs, a notification will be sent directly to EMS, and a buzzer will sound to alert bystanders. This data can be recorded for analysis to help better treat and respond to overdoses, and better allocate resources. ODEN has improved wearable monitoring capabilities, developed an overdose detection algorithm, developed prototypes, and secured a method of contacting EMS. This technology can be used in many other emergency situations, and ODEN’s platform will be adapted for use in other applications.

Seedling Art Co. 

Founder(s): Jesika Kula
SFU: Staff and Chang Institute for Entrepreneurship alumnus
Social media: Instagram / Facebook / LinkedIn

Seedling Art Co. aims to make mental health tools, like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), more accessible, through eco-friendly art & journaling.  Seedling's products bring together the mindfulness of art and journaling, with the mental-health tools of CBT and DBT needed to help improve anxiety, depression and raise your overall quality of life.

Tires 2 Go

Founder(s): Ethan Symons, Brenden Symons
SFU: Business undergraduate student
Social media: Facebook

Tires 2 Go provides convenient, fast and reliable mobile tire and wheel service to hundreds of our customers in the Eastern Fraser Valley area. Our quick and convenient mobile service trucks allow our technicians to save you the time spent waiting at traditional shops, along with providing opportunities for mobile repairs and roadside assistance when your vehicle or business fleet needs it most. As we continue to grow both our business and our loyal customer base, our streamlined mobile service, friendly technicians, and overall professionalism will continue to innovate the tire industry.


Viridis Research

Founder(s): Dr. Macarena Cataldo-Hernandez, Dr. Ricardo Rivera-Acevedo
SFU: Invention to Innovation (i2I) alumni
Social media: Twitter / LinkedIn

Viridis is a cleantech company addressing urgent global water pollution challenges from microplastics to harmful contaminants by eliminating toxic compounds from water. Its IP-protected, patent-pending VEOX water treatment technology delivers the first of its kind solution to safely and completely destroy microplastics and microfibers. VEOX regenerative filters can be used both at scale in textile manufacturing & commercial washing machine markets, as well as in individual households for consumers within the homecare products market. Co-founded by leading electro-chemical experts, Viridis is on a mission to develop fully sustainable, totally effective and completely accessible water treatment solutions to ensure our right to safe, clean water.