Current Start-ups

Get to know the start-up teams currently building their business with us! 


Meet the Companies



Beriqo's mission is to provide profitable farming with big data software solutions. Their advanced technologies assist farm operators in understanding their crop behavior and building better decision analysis. 


Bridge for Health 

Bridge for Health is a Co-Operative Association fostering innovative strategies to promote health and wellbeing.



CareCrew is an Android and iPhone app that helps families manage the care of their aging loved ones.



Equity is working towards towards creating an ad-­free, crowdfunded, online platform for local news, features, investigative and opinion pieces.




Frontrvnners is a streetwear brand from Vancouver, Canada. Each piece is made for those who stay loyal to their craft and build their own blueprint.



Novion Health

Novion is developing a leak detection system that is equipped with various sensors and attaches to the main water line within a condo building unit.


Ophthalight Digital Solutions Inc.

Ophthalight Digital Solutions Inc. provides an accurate, portable and automated eye test device, name O-Glass, for physicians who need to diagnose and monitor patients for optic neuropathy, glaucoma, and diabetes.




Rmoney is a cross-border money transfer and payment processing platform built for needs of international students.


Plain Solutions

Plain Solutions is developing an analytical visualisation software with built-in full Monte Carlo simulation that allows to predict the future outcomes and developments.


Streamline Athletes

Streamline Athletes uses a sport-specific approach, proprietary analysis tools, and centralized data to deliver a more efficient recruitment experience for track and field/cross country prospective student-athletes and collegiate coaches.



Zennea Technologies

Zennea Technologies develops sleep wearables that reduces snoring, tracks quality of sleep, and helps make decisions to improve overall health for chronic snorers.




Bethink is a boutique strategy and training firm focused solely on supporting impact-driven leaders to excel.



Buzzit is an open, location-based group messenger app that lets you connect to the people around you without compromising your privacy.



Employ to Empower

Employ to Empower is a social enterprise centered around employment sustainable and long-term solution for homelessness in Vancouver.




FootyStats is a sports analytics tool that delivers comprehensive football statistics from over 120 competitions around the world.



Leefy is a mobile game for young kids with autism and mental health challenges to learn to regulate their emotions and maintain meaningful relationships through non-verbal and social cues recognition.




NATIV Media is a creative agency that specializes in social media marketing, influencer marketing, and business development.



OpenSpot Parking Inc.

OpenSpot Parking Inc. uses new technologies to upgrade the parking management and parking experience in urban areas.



Piva Concepts

Piva Concepts is an ancillary value-added company that creates turn-key cannabis edibles product lines.



SpexiGeo's multi-sided platform brings together pilots and aerial data customers to capture more insights about our world at a lower cost than was possible before.


The Bazaar Digital Technologies

The Bazaar is updating the traditional value exchange of ads for free content by delivering greater value to consumers, brands and content providers