Mahmud Muhammad

Ph.D. Candidate
"Remote sensing & geotechnical modelling of of Mt. Meager & Mt. Currie, BC, Canada"
co-supervised with Prof. Doug Stead

Areas of interest

Volcanology, Structural geology, Engineering geology


  • B.Sc., Salahaddin, 2010
  • M.Sc., Nevada Las Vegas, 2016


Mahmud is studying Geotechnical and landslide hazards of Mount Currie and Garibaldi volcanic belt including Mount Meager. He uses Geotechnical modelling, structural geology and Optical and SAR Remote Sensing approach to address the natural hazard assessment and possible mitigations steps required to minimize the effect of disasters natural hazards in Southwestern British Columbia.

Recent Publications

  1. Muhammad, M.Williams-Jones, G., Barendregt, R.W. (2023) Structural Geology of the Mount Meager Volcanic Complex, BC, Canada: Implications for geothermal energy and geohazards. Canadian Journal of Earth Science, 61, 158-186, doi: 10.1139/cjes-2023-0077
  2. Muhammad, M.Williams-Jones, G., Stead, D., Tortini, R., Falorni, G., Donati, D. (2022) Applications of image-based computer vision for remote surveillance of slope instability Frontiers in Earth Science, doi: 10.3389/feart.2022.909078.
  3. Muhammad, M., Barendregt, R.W., Williams-Jones, G. (2021) Structural geology constraints and its influence on geothermal systems, Mt. Meager, BC. In: Proceedings of the Canadian Geothermal Students' Day, Geothermal Canada, P2111, 1-15.