Engage with Us

Always ask the question:  How is the community better? Add value in ways that are important and real.

- K. Magnusson, Dean of Education

SFU’s new vision as an “engaged university” provides a launch pad for our first institutional community engagement strategy with the goal of becoming Canada’s most community-engaged research university.


  • Increase experiential learning opportunities
  • Develop new programs for mature, returning and non-traditional students
  • Improve access for under-represented communities
  • Increase opportunities for alumni to be involved in undergraduate and graduate education


  • Measure, communicate and celebrate
  • Improve community access
  • Leverage signature initiatives and support select integrated community engagement projects

Download the full report here.

For some background reports on SFU's community engagement, see the Community Engagement Background Reports below:

  1. Strengthening community engagement at Simon Fraser University: Key resources and models for success, examples from Canada and abroad, and recommendations for SFU

  3. Recognizing and rewarding community engagement at Simon Fraser University: Tools to identify, document, measure and support community engagement in research, teaching and service activities

  5. Community and civic engagement for students at Simon Fraser University: Considerations for the university administration, faculty support, and curriculum offerings