A New Look Drives Excitement For The Campus Community Shuttle

January 24, 2023

You may have seen our Campus Community Shuttle around the Burnaby campus before but you’ve never seen it like this!

Our Campus Community Shuttle has received a colourful makeover, thanks to a collaboration between SFU and local design studio, Chairman Ting. Since 2019, installations featuring the artwork of Chairman Ting can be found across our campuses including the large Harbour Centre lobby mural in Vancouver and various other applications at Burnaby, enlivening our public spaces. 

The redesign of the shuttle was intended to create a memorable SFU vehicle that users would recognize instantly and that would show pride for the university. 

“The new shuttle graphics allowed us to solve an existing problem: improve the shuttle’s visibility on campus,” says Ailsa Brown, Project Director, Brand Expression. “We tapped into existing strategic brand resources, adding some visual fun to what is essentially a mobile art installation!”

The Campus Community Shuttle is a joint project between SFU and Fraser International College to provide quick and safe options for traversing the Burnaby campus – especially on dark and rainy nights. The shuttle operates every thirty minutes between 8:00 am and 10:30 pm* and stops at Residence West lot, Residence Main Lot, University High Street (east/west) and Discovery 1. The shuttle is accessible and free for anyone in the community, including students, faculty, staff and UniverCity residents. After the shuttle launched in 2019, it has serviced an average of up to 35,000 riders per year with 15,800 users alone shuttled around in the fall term of 2022. 

“The shuttle makes it easier for the community to get around and reduces the reliance on cars to navigate the Burnaby campus,” says David Agosti, Director of Parking and Sustainable Mobility. “Additionally, this newer version of the shuttle runs on propane which helps to keep it sustainable for the long term.”

Check out the beautiful new shuttle driving around campus and hop in for a ride to your next destination. 

For more information on the Campus Community Shuttle, please visit the SFU Parking webpage.

*with breaks between 11:30 am - 12 pm and 7:30 pm - 8 pm