Take Our Kids to Work Day

September 29, 2022

SFU is excited to host Take Our Kids to Work Day (TOKTWD) on November 2, 2022. TOKTWD is regarded as one of the most recognized career exploration events in Canada. Grade 9 students are given the opportunity to explore their parents’ workplace and participate in interesting activities such as a Science Biology session and an intriguing presentation about Environment Archaeology.

“I’m excited to have my son, Josh, join me for this year’s Take Our Kids to Work Day (TOKTWD) at SFU!” says Laura Kohli, Director of VPFA Communications and Marketing. “As a Grade 9 student this year, he’s already starting to explore his options for future career and post-secondary education opportunities. TOKTWD offers a great chance for him to not only see what I do and how my work contributes to SFU, but also to explore the campus and get a sense of what it would be like to attend SFU down the road.” Adds Laura, “The event SFU has planned for this year has even made my teenage son excited about participating (which, if you have a Grade 9 youth, you know how hard this is to do)!”

If you’re a parent/guardian of a Grade 9 youth, please take a moment to sign up for this year’s event. Spaces are limited so please register today! For more information about this year’s event and to register, please find it below.

We look forward to seeing you there!