Co-op Employers

Logging In

Visit SFU myExperience’s login page at

Clicking the blue “Employer Sign In” button will redirect you to the SFU myExperience employer login portal. If this is your first time logging into SFU myExperience, you will need to reset your password. Hover over Employers on the top red bar and select Forgot Password. Fill in your email address into the 'Your Login ID' field and click Email Reset Code button. If your account exists in our system, you see a Success message and the system will email you a Reset code to reset your password. Copy and paste the Reset Code and use it in Step 2 of the Forgot Password page. If your email is not in our system when you try to use Email Reset Code, you may get an error message. You will need to select Employers Registration from the Employer drop down to create a new account. Follow the screens and fill in as much information as you can. All fields with a (*) are mandatory and cannot be skipped.

You will be asked to create a Division record in SFU myExperience. If your organization does not have a division, just use your Organization’s name as the Division name. Remember to click Submit Registration at the end of the form.

You will be notified within five business days once your registration has been approved.

Updating Your Account's Information

If this is your first time logging into SFU myExperience please update your account’s information under My Account Remember to click Save at the bottom of the page.

Posting A Co-op Job

  1. From your Dashboard, click the blue Post a Job button.
  2. Select Experiential Learning Job Postings (Co-op).
  3. If you wish to copy your new job from a previous posting, select your job from the Previous Posting drop down else click the blue Post a New Job button.
  4. Fill in the fields. All mandatory fields have a (*) beside the field name. Include any additional info at the bottom of the posting if necessary. At the bottom of the form click Submit Posting for Approval.
  5. On the next screen, ignore the qualifier questions and click the Skip button. These will be set by the Co-op department.
  6. On the last screen, you can fill in any Employer Employment Details for Co-op staff to review. Remember to click the Submit button.
  7. Your job has now been submitted for approval and your Co-op representative will contact you shortly.
  8. After your job has been approved, if you make any edits, the job will immediately return to a Pending for Approval state and students will no longer be able to see your job posting until it is re-approved. Please notify your Co-op department representative for re-approval.