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 Election 2004 News

There are a variety of ways to keep up to date on events during the election campaign.  Most useful are the national election sites run by large media corporations.  But for regional developments, it is best to connect to the local news media sites across the country. Links to a selection of interesting election news stories are also available on this page.


National Media Sites:

Regional & Specialty News:



Leaders Debate

If you missed the leaders' debate on TV, you can still watch highlights of it courtesy of CTV News. A poll conducted by Ispos found that Stephen Harper was thought to have won the debate while Paul Martin was the viewers' favourite as potential prime minister. But note that the respondents to this poll had to fill in their responses on the Internet - which means that the sample cannot be fully reflective of the whole electorate.

Select News Item Archive on Canada Elections:

Martin rules out formal coalition
CTV News June 30, 2004

Voter turnout lowest since Confederation
CBC News June 30, 2004

NDP's Layton calls again for reform of electoral system
CTV News June 29, 2004

Harper opens door to step down
Canada.com June 29, 2004

United Conservatives win fewer votes than old parties
CTV News June 29, 2004

Martin defies skeptics with strong minority win
CTV News June 29, 2004

Elections Canada braces for recounts
Globe & Mail June 27, 2004

Governor General could decide next PM
CNEWS June 25, 2004

Duceppe: Bloc won't take advantage of minority government
CTV News June 25, 2004

The 44 Toronto-area seats can play an important role in minority governments
National Post June 25, 2004

Tory MP's interview on Charter creates storm
CBC June 25, 2004

NDP would push for vote on democratic reform
CTV News June 23,2004

Martin suggests won't grasp for power after vote
Reuters June 23, 2004

Conservative platform is a legal minefield: experts
Canada.com June 21, 2004

Bloc leads Liberals 56% to 25% among francophone Quebeckers
Léger June 18, 2004

Marijuana party candidate evicted for pot-laced cookies
CBC News June 18, 2004

A matter of political trusts: income funds fly under federal campaign radar
CNEWS June 18, 2004

Women who run for Liberals get extra funding
Women's eNews June 12, 2004

Tory hopefuls forced to sign gag order
Canada.com June 11, 2004

Now you can see election results before you vote
Canadian Press June 11, 2004

Bloc will hold minority government's feet to the fire, Duceppe says
CBC News June 11, 2004

Harper, Martin vie for chance to reshape Supreme Court of Canada
CNEWS June 8, 2004

Martin open to debate about reforming the electoral system
Toronto Star June 5, 2004

12,800 prison residents get to vote for the first time
CBC News June 3, 2004

49% of Canadians could still change their minds on whom to vote for
Leger June 2, 2004

NDP's Layton hints at plan for a minority role
CTV News June 1, 2004

Bloc Leader rules out formal agreement with a minority government
CBC News June 1, 2004

Martin turns to former Chretien advisors for help with campaign
Canadian Press May 31, 2004

Merger is working for Conservative Party - 71% of ex-PC voters support Conservatives
Toronto Star May 29, 2004

Green Party may sue after being left out of leaders' TV debates
CBC News May 27, 2004

Leaders' TV Debates Set for June 14 & 15
CBC News May 27, 2004

Canadians Split on Virtues of Majority Government
CBC News May 24, 2004

Your Vote is Worth $1.75 in Subsidies to the Party You Support
Globe & and Mail May 22, 2004

47% of Decided Liberal Supports Believe a Minority Government would be a Good Thing
CTV News May 20, 2004

Supreme Court Upholds Campaign Spending Limits for Interest Groups
CTV News May 18, 2004

Alberta Court of Appeal Rejects Teens' Right to Vote
CBC News May 14, 2004

More than a Dozen Bills Will Die in Parliament
CBC News May 14, 2004

  You can also view the News Archive form the 2000 Canadian Election



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