Our lab has been home to some outstanding researchers.

Victor Jensen
Postdoctoral fellow
MSFHR fellowship
KRESCENT fellowship
Molecular analysis of ciliary signalling pathway


Catrina Loucks
Ph.D. student
CIHR Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarship
Molecular analysis of ciliary proteins


Tiffany Timbers
Postdoctoral fellow
Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship
Functional genomics of sensory neuron and cilia proteins

tiffany.timbers[at] | personal website

Mark Dennison
Graduate student
Protein homeostasis in eukaryotes


Swetha Mohan
Ph.D. student
Characterisation of novel ciliary genes in C. elegans


Thi Phuong Anh Nguyen
Ph.D. student
CIHR Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarship
Functional analysis of C. elegans cilia


Jacque-Lynne Johnson
Postdoctoral fellow
Dissection of ciliary signaling pathway


Melissa Frederic
Postdoctoral fellow
MSFHR fellowship
Protein folding in the cytosol


Paul Bonnefin
Research Associate
Molecular analysis of novel ciliary genes


Chrystal Inglis
Research Assistant
Analysis of mammalian ciliary proteins


Lesley Chen
Graduate student
Functional analysis of mammalian cilia

Nathan Bialas
former Ph.D. student

Jayden Yamakaze
former M.Sc. student

Cheryl Wiens
former M.Sc. student supported by MSFHR scholarship, now Laboratory Science Officer at the Ministry of Agriculture & Lands, Animal Health Centre

Nick Inglis
former Ph.D. student supported by NSERC, MSFHR scholarships

Michael Healey
former M.Sc. student supported by MSFHR scholarship; now in family medicine resident at Providence St. Peter hospital, Olympia (affiliated with University of Washington)

Victor Lundin
former Ph.D. student now a Scientist at Genentech - Dept. of Protein Analytical Chemistry

Peter Stirling
former Ph.D. student supported by NSERC, MSFHR scholarships; now Faculty member at the Terry Fox Laboratory, BC Cancer Agency (lab website)

Muneer Esmail
former Ph.D. student
HSF scholarship
Molecular etiology of Bardet-Biedl syndrome

Michael Kennedy
former postdoctoral fellow now at Ottawa Health Research Institute
Alström Syndrome Canada fellowship
Molecular basis of ciliopathies

Oliver Blacque
former postdoctoral fellow; now Faculty member at University College Dublin (lab website)

Junchul Kim
former Ph.D. student; now Faculty member in the Faculty of Medicine, Neuroscience Program, University of Toronto (lab website)


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