Locally available short traces:

  • Star Wars data:
        VBR Frames: trace and its description.
        MPEG Frames: trace and its description.
        Trace for ns: StarWars trace for ns (14 MBytes) and its description.
  • News recorded video data: news.IPB, news.I, news.P, news.B, and their description.
  • Short extracts from Bellcore Ethernet traces:
        tpAug89_2000.TL, pOct89_2000.TL, OctExt_2000.TL, and their description.

    Sites with traffic traces:

  • University of Oregon Route Views Project
  • Video Traces for Network Performance Evaluation
  • The National Laboratory for Advanced Network Research (NLANR)
        Data Collection, Curation and Sharing
  • MAWI Working Group Traffic Archive
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