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Marni Mishna

About Me

I am a professor in mathematics at Simon Fraser University. My main research interests lie in analytic and enumerative combinatorics. I strive to find algorithmic, and systematic solutions to problems that arise in combinatorics. One of my main projects is to find ways to characterize and classify combinatorial classes with transcendental generating functions. This has led to a detailed study of coefficient asymptotics and also of lattice paths in a variety of contexts. I am also interested in the role of art and design in mathematical communication.



NEW article! Inhomogeneous order 1 iterative functional equations with applications to combinatorics with Lucia Di Vizio and Gwladys Fernandes. We give a simple criterion for a generating function to be differentially transcendental, and apply it to complete trees, walks on self-similar graphs and a series related to the egf of permutations avoiding the consecutive pattern 1423. Check it out! Arxiv link

Consider submitting to: FPSAC 2024


Mini Biography

1993 - 1997 BMath Waterloo (CO-OP; Honours joint Pure Math and Computer Science)
1998 TRLabs, Edmonton
1998 - 2000 MSc Simon Fraser University (Pure Math)
2000Projet ALGO, INRIA, France
2000 - 2003 PhD Universite du Quebec a Montreal (Math fondamentales)
2003 - 2005 NSERC Post Doctoral Fellowship: Bordeaux (LaBRI) / Fields Institute Toronto
2005 - 2012 SFU Assistant Professor (NSERC University Faculty Award)
January 2008 CNRS Poste Rouge Orsay (France)
2012 - 2018 SFU Associate Professor
2018 - present SFU Professor
Fall 2018 CNRS Invited Professor Tours (France)
2018 - 2020Visiting Professor, LaBRI, University of Bordeaux (France)
2019-2021 PIMS Deputy Director
2023-2025 Associate Dean EDI, Faculty of Science, SFU