Department of Mathematics

Study how to use math and computation to model science, engineering, social and biomedical problems, and learn the secrets of symmetry, form, number and shape.

SFU's Mathematics Department specializes in using a combination of today's computational tools and profound theory in leading-edge studies and critical application areas. Math students go on to careers as great problem solvers in business, computing, data and the sciences. Join us!

Undergraduate Studies

Award-winning faculty and a wealth of golden research opportunities make SFU one of the best places to study mathematics in Canada.

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Graduate Studies

Hone your math problem-solving skills and gather the contacts you need to kickstart your career in tech, medicine, communication, economics or engineering.

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SFU is home to world-class math research. We harness the power of collaboration to drive invaluable contributions to a variety of areas within mathematics

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Faculty Interviews

New Assistant Faculty Member Interviews:

Dr Ben Ashby 
Dr Nadish de Silva
Dr Katrina Honigs
Dr Jake Levinson
Dr Ailene MacPherson
Dr Jessica Stockdale

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Dr Caroline Colijn

Canada 150 Research Chair in Mathematics of Infection, Evolution and Public Health

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Department Calendar

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