Vancouver ecological footprint

Why do we need 2 Earths to support our lifestyles?

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Have you gotten a future bag?

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The Future Bag was made from 100% recycled materials as an initiative to reduce textile and plastic waste that causes ecological footprint. Be part of this initiative by getting this bag or donating your used clothes to help creating this bag.

Save the planet resources

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          including land, water, and air

Scientists suggested that we are in a state of “ecological overshoot”. Global society today is demanding more in a year through consumption of energy and resources than nature can provide, and polluting more than nature can assimilate.

Food is the leading cause

causes of ecological Footprint
          in city of vancouver

For Vancouver, consumption of food represents the largest impact area (48%), followed by a relatively even distribution between transportation (20%), buildings (17%), and consumables and waste (14%).