Handbook for Acoustic Ecology

Cambridge Street Publishing is pleased to announce the publication of a revised and updated CD-ROM version of the original Handbook for Acoustic Ecology, edited by Barry Truax, Professor Emeritus in the School of Communication and (formerly) the School for Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University. As with the original 1978 edition, this new version brings together over 500 terms from the fields of acoustics, psychoacoustics, environmental acoustics and noise measurement, electroacoustics, music, linguistics, audiology, and soundscape studies, with extensive cross-references (now active links!) and straightforward explanations suitable for the undergraduate or layperson interested in acoustic communication.

Numerous diagrams, charts and tables provide additional reference information. Included for the first time in this edition are 150 sound examples, many of which are drawn from the rich collection of environmental sounds of the World Soundscape Project. New to this edition is a thematic search engine that supplements the conventional alphabetical one. Related terms across various disciplines are brought together under the themes of Vibration and Magnitude, Sound-Medium Interface, Sound-Environment Interaction, Sound-Sound Interaction, as well as the specific themes of Audiology and Hearing Loss, Noise Measurement Systems, Electroacoustic and Tape Studio, Linguistics and Speech Acoustics, and Communications Theory.

The CD-ROM runs on either the Mac or  the PC using any browser. The CD-ROM is included in the 2nd edition of Acoustic Communication, published by Greenwood Press and ABC-Clio.

What the reviewers say ...

... the Handbook for Acoustic Ecology is an invaluable resource for educators, sound designers, composers, students of electroacoustic music, and anyone baffled by the lingo of sound, acoustics, and sound ecology.

- Laurie Radford, Computer Music Journal.

Note: An online version of the older CD-ROM document is available here. It has also been translated into HTML5 with embedded audio for Safari users as part of the WSP Database and combined with an online Tutorial, for which you can request a guest password from truax@sfu.ca

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