Handbook for Acoustic Ecology

The World Soundscape Project's Handbook for Acoustic Ecology, edited by Barry Truax, Professor in the Schools of Communication and Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University, is a 160 page reference work, originally published in 1978, which compiles all major terminology from the fields of acoustics, psychoacoustics, environmental acoustics and noise measurement, electroacoustics, music, linguistics, and soundscape studies, with extensive cross-references and straightforward explanations.

Numerous diagrams, charts and tables provide additional reference information. The book is an ideal reference text for students of acoustic communication, electroacoustic music, and any other field where a knowledge of sound is needed.

In 1999, a new CD-ROM edition of the Handbook was published, which is also included in the second edition of the author's book Acoustic Communication.

An online version of the document is available here. It has also been translated into HTML5 with embedded audio for Safari users as part of the WSP Database, for which you can request a guest password from truax@sfu.ca

A Belorussian translation of this page is also available.