Prospective Students

Why Study Biology?

Biologists study living organisms – from the tiniest cells to the most complex ecosystems. Their work helps us to better understand the living world and allows us to discover solutions to some of the most pressing health and environmental issues affecting society.

Within the Department of Biological Sciences, faculty and students conduct research that addresses:

  • biodiversity loss and the conservation of plants and animals at risk
  • the adverse effects of chemical and physical agents on cells and organisms
  • the roles of microbes in altering cell morphology and physiology and degrading pollution
  • the evolutionary and genetic basis for human diseases (e.g., diabetes, Alzheimer’s, autism and schizophrenia)

Sound Interesting?   

These are just a few of the areas you can explore as a student in our department.  Find out more by reading through our prospective student pages, attending an upcoming recruitment event or outreach activity, or signing up for a campus tour, at the Burnaby or Surrey campus. You can even explore our campus virtually, and take yourself on a virtual tour!

Considering a Health-related Career?

Visit our Pre-Professional Programs page for details on how a first degree in Biology can help prepare you for entry to professional programs in areas such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and veterinary science.


In addition to a Bachelor of Science degree with a Major or Honours in Biological Sciences, we offer two specialized minors and a Post-Baccalaureate Diploma program.

Undergraduate Research

In our department, you don't have to be a graduate student to start your research career.  Gain hands-on experience, explore your interests and further your research skills by:

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Co-operative Education

As part of our Co-op program, you will have the opportunity to work with a variety of different employers, gain new skills and begin building a network of professional connections - all while completing your first degree.  

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Graduates of our programs work in a wide range of fields, covering everything from biotechnechology to environmental consulting, healthcare, research and teaching. Many of our students go on to complete professional programs in medicine, veterinary medicine and dentistry or to conduct further research as part of a Masters or PhD program. 

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Student Life  

University life is not just about academics.  Meet new people, develop new skills and get to know your community by taking part in some of the following opportunities.