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Welcome to SFU SCIENCE SPOOKTACULAR 2021 - virtual edition!

Watch rockets coming from "black holes", make ice cream with liquid nitrogen or shatter a frozen your favourite demo and possibly win a prize.

Enjoy these spooky science demonstrations and make sure to enter your favourite demo in the e-poll which closes on Monday November 8th.

All those who select the demo with the most number of votes will receive a prize from SFU Science!

Do not try any of these demos at home.
All demos are done by trained scientists in controlled environments.
Adult supervision is recommended for minors viewing this video.

2021 SFU Nobel Prize Lecture

Each year, the Faculty of Science chooses experts from SFU to explain the importance of the recent Nobel Prizes awarded for physics, chemistry and medicine/physiology.Dr. Andrei Frolov, Dr. Timothy Audas, and Dr. Nienke E. van Houten discuss their research as it pertains to the latest discoveries!