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NEWS from the CWE

Congratulations to Lauren MacFarland, the newest Master of Science from the CWE! Lauren's thesis examined the nesting habits of the brilliantly plumaged Lewis's Woodpecker in the Okanagan region of British Columbia.

CWE research on shorebirds is featured in the "State of Birds 2016" report recently released by the North American Bird Conservation Initiative. This first-ever conservation vulnerability assessment for all native bird species in Canada, the US, and Mexico, has been garnering media attention about the urgent conservation measures needed to save more than a third of all North American avian species.

A new paper in the Auk by CWE PhD student Allison Cornell and Tony Williams investigates double-brooding by European Starlings as related to female quality and laying date. They found no relationship between propensity for double brooding and laying date, and that, despite a low survival rate for second broods, females did not appear to suffer any fitness consequences from second brood attempts.

Mating behaviour of male Ruff sandpipers is controlled by a "super gene". Dov Lank and colleagues have just published a paper in Nature Genetics demonstrating that 3 divergent mating behaviour morphs of male Ruffs are controlled by a chromosomal inversion. The work has been featured in the Washington Post, Nature News and on CBC's As It Happens.

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