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NEWS from the CWE

This Sunday (Dec 2nd) CWE alumna Willow English's work on Red Phalaropes is featured on "The Nature of Things" in an episode called 'Stay At Home Animal Dads'. Phalarope males incubate eggs and raise chicks with no help from the mother. The episode was written in part by another CWE alumna, Lesley Evans Ogden, now a freelance popular science journalist.

In August, under the smoky skies of Vancouver, hundreds of ornithologists flocked to the International Ornithological Congress. This gaggle of CWE grads was spotted on the plaza during the opening ceremonies, and many presented talks and posters during the meeting.

CWE grad student Simón Valdez-Juárez published a paper in Condor documenting a preference by non-breeding Yellow Warblers for agricultural habitats over natural forest in Mexico. The paper was featured in the blog of the American Ornithological Society.

CWE grad student Kristen Walters' article on her research on salmon and Bald Eagles was recently posted on the Raincoast Conservation Foundation's webpage. Kristen is looking at how competition amongst eagles affects the distribution of salmon carcasses in the forest.

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