Website Credits

The current website for the CWE was designed and put together by Connie Smith. Many of the researchers and graduate students of the CWE created their own personal or project pages. Most of the photographs used on the site were contributed by researchers and volunteers who have worked at the CWE over the years, including Dan Esler, Samantha Franks, Martin Grimm, Sarah Jamieson, Elly Knight, Tomohiro Kuwae, Josh Malt, Kyle Morrison, Marinde Out, and Daniel van Aswegen. We apologize if we have left anyone out!

We also are indebted to several photographers from outside the CWE who have kindly allowed us to use their photographs of birds to add visual appeal to our website: D. Rintoul (flying Barrow's Goldeneye banner photo), J. Jerome (perched Brewer's Sparrow banner photo), M. Yip (Yellow Warbler banner photo). ALL OF THESE PHOTOGRAPHS ARE COPYRIGHTED! If you have questions, comments or complaints about the website please contact Connie Smith.

About Our Logo

Our logo is based on a rubbing of petroglyphs, made at Chrome Island, British Columbia, by Dr. Mike Smith, Chair of Biological Sciences at SFU (1997 - 1999). Elizabeth Carefoot of Instructional Media Service at SFU composed the logo as shown here. We acknowledge especially the unknown native artist who created these whimsical images for succeeding generations to enjoy. These portrayals of seabirds are not only appropriate symbols for the mission of the CWE, but they also aesthetically convey the pleasure and delight of watching and working with these birds and other creatures. Like the original artist, our aim is make sure that succeeding generations will be able to experience these pleasures.