Design. Sustainable. Value.

Business of Design (BoD) is a collaborative 1-year, 4-course experience bringing together designers and business students at SFU who are interested in entrepreneurship. BoD is a unique offering at SFU that focuses explicitly, fundamentally and deliberately on 3 things:

1.     Sustainability

2.     Making

3.     Passion

In Business of Design, we want to disrupt the status quo. We want to get students back to understanding that the things that we use should be made purposefully and expertly. The things we use should be made because the maker puts his/ her heart and soul, and expertise into the making process. And, most importantly, the things we have should be beneficial – not harmful – to the maker, the user, the society in which the user, the maker, the suppliers and others exist. We want students to understand that all things – products and services – need to be made intentionally, and intentionally good, representing and embodying the values of the maker and the user. Entrepreneurs (makers) are individuals who make passionately, purposefully and positively. We want to teach students how to be these kinds of entrepreneurs.


In Business of Design you learn to envision, create and sustain enterprises that make a difference in the world. At the centre of any such enterprise are the people who make it; that is: YOU.

Business of Design is about creating and embodying our value(s) through making. Physically creating tangible solutions gives you insights, approaches and results not available through any other tool.

BoD provides you with an opportunity to learn through making, to find your passion, and acquire the tangible and intangible skills you need to pursue what you want to do and be in the world.

BoD steps away from the traditional Department and Faculty separation towards an integrative, interdisciplinary approach that requires students to work together with like-minded individuals from different faculties.

You work together - collaboratively - to find sustainable solutions to real-world, wicked problems that YOU care about and that YOU want to put into and be part of RIGHT NOW.

The experience teaches students how to understand their user and to always intentionally design sustainable, valuable products and services with their user in mind. Ultimately, the cohort empowers students to become proactive, ethical citizens that approach every problem intentionally.

You generate your own design process.

You discover the methods that resonate with you and that empower you.

You define the problems. You develop the solutions.

You are responsible for your own learning.

Business of Design gives you insight and experience that your success in the world comes only through your complete engagement.

Business of Design is for you if:
    - You are a design student who wants to know how design gets into the world
    - You are business student who wants to master how design enables and transforms businesses
    - You want to make a positive impact in the world through sustainability 

The Business of Design experience consists of 14-credits acquired in four courses taking place over three semesters: one in Fall, one in Spring, and two intersession courses in the Summer.:

IAT 330 - Introduction to Business and Design (3-credits)
BUS 339 - Iteration & Prototyping (4-credits)
BUS 476 - Strategy, Communication, Distribution and Launch (3-credits)
IAT 430 - Ramp Up & Production (4-credits)


To apply to the Business of Design program please refer to the Applications & Requirements page.