"If you do what you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life."

Business of Design provides you with an opportunity to find your passion, and acquire the tangible and intangible skills you need to pursue it. It steps away from the traditional Department and Faculty separation towards an integrative, interdisciplinary approach that allows students to work together with like-minded individuals from different faculties to solve real-world, wicked problems. The experience teaches students how to understand their user and to always intentionally design products and services with their user in mind. Ultimately, the cohort empowers students to become proactive, ethical citizens that approach every problem with a sustainable solution.

Business of Design is for you if:
    - You are a design student who wants to know how design gets into the world
    - You are business student who wants to master how design enables and transforms businesses
    - You want to make a positive impact in the world through sustainability 

The Business of Design experience consists of 12-credits acquired in four courses taking place over three semesters: one in Fall, one in Spring, and two intersession courses in the Summer.:

IAT 330 - Introduction to Business and Design (3-credits)
BUS 339 - Iteration & Prototyping (4-credits)
BUS 476 - Strategy, Communication, Distribution and Launch (3-credits)
IAT 430 - Ramp Up & Production (4-credits)To apply to the Business of Design program please refer to the Applications & Requirements page.