Depression & Work Function: Bridging the Gap Between Mental Health Care & the Workplace


Depression is rapidly emerging as both a public health and occupational health challenge. This document reviews many of the current clinical and workplace issues associated with this complex disorder and provides a framework for an integrated and comprehensive approach to managing depression in the workplace. In an effort to catalyze action, the report strives to maintain a practical perspective that will appeal to the many stakeholders who must collaborate to create a psychologically healthy workplace. This paper examines clinical and occupational best practices, recommends a systematic array of potential interventions, and identifies numerous resources to assist organizations to develop a customized response that meets their unique needs.

This publication was edited and compiled while the authors were at the Mental Health Evaluation & Community Consultation Unit (MHECCU) at the University of British Columbia. It appears here with permission.

Dan Bilsker,
Merv Gilbert,
T Larry Myette,
Chris Stewart-Patterson