1) Postdoc

We are seeking a highly motivated postdoc or Research Scientist. The ideal candidate has experience in mammalian cell culture or tissue processing within a BSL2 environment. Protein chemistry including chromatography purification, western blot and PCR identification, and functional characterization is required. Knowledge of biological mass spectrometry-based proteomics including sample preparation, liquid chromatography and tandem mass spectrometry operation and method development is necessary. Computational skills of large datasets are preferred.

Our current research directions include Targeted-protein quantitation using PRM, biomarker discovery and validation in cells and tissues, and proteomic analysis of extremely low amount yet complex membrane proteins. The candidate will have opportunity to directly operating Proxeon Easy 1000 UPLC and Thermo Q-Exactive HF. Our lab is associated with several National and International Networks, including Stem Cell Network, GlycoNet, BCPN, CNPN, and MITACS Global Link. Candidates will have ample opportunities to get involved in various network events and activities for broader career perspectives.

We are looking for individuals with high motivation, creativity, good communication skills and integrity to work with different projects.
Recent or experienced Ph.D in molecular biology, biochemistry, bioanalytical chemistry or closely related fields is encouraged to apply.

Please send CV with representative publications to Dr. Bingyun Sun (bingyun_sun at sfu.ca).

2) Proteomics Technician
We are seeking a qualified protein Mass Spec technician. The ideal candidate should have research experiences either in molecular biology or analytical chemistry, and have participated in the writing of scientific manuscripts or delivering research presentation. Experiences in aseptic techniques, mammalian cell culture, tissue protein extraction and quantitation, liquid chromatography, and protein mass spectrometry are highly desired. Computational knowledge in statistics and coding is a plus.
The candidate will be trained to operate and maintain our Proxeon Easy 1000 UPLC and Thermo Q-Exactive HF system, and assisted in various sample preparation procedures. Writing scientific manuscript for publication and participating proteomic related conferences are encouraged. One-year contract is required, and the position can be renewed for multi-years if qualified.


We are looking for individuals with high integrity, work ethics, good communication skills and the ability to work with different group members and collaborators.

BS and MS in molecular biology, biochemistry, bioanalytical chemistry, or closely related fields are encouraged to apply.

Canadian citizen or work permit holders are required.

Please send CV with three references to Dr. Bingyun Sun (bingyun_sun at sfu.ca).