Creating an Image Gallery

An image gallery / slideshow can be quickly and easily created using the Image Gallery component. Once configured, this component can display images from the DAM in a grid as an image gallery or as a slideshow.

How to use the Image Gallery Component

First drag-and-drop the Image Gallery component from the Sidekick onto the page.

Click the Edit button.

Click the search icon in the "Image Folder" field and navigate to the folder in the DAM that contains the images. Click OK.

Choose how images are displayed by choosing a display mode under the Display Type option. The Image Gallery option displays images in a grid with a static viewer while the slideshow option displays rotating images in a viewer.

Slideshow specific options

Tips and Tricks

Same sized thumbnails - To make all the thumbnails the same size, ensure the full-sized images have the same aspect ratio and orientation.

Change the image order - Go to the DAM folder containing the images and rearrange them. The image gallery reflects the order of images in the DAM folder.

View the Image Gallery Component page for more information on customizing this component.