Meet some of our students in the first cohort of the Cybersecurity Concentration as part of the Professional Master's Program!

Amar Babu

Joining the Professional Master’s Program remotely from Chennai, India 

“SFU’s Professional Master’s Program has a co-op component which offers its students an extraordinary opportunity to explore, study and apply the knowledge we get in the program at a professional environment, giving us a rare boost to kickstart our career in the field of our choice. The strong and successful industrial collaborations from SFU has fostered a unique and exciting ground for us to apply our learnings.”

Aaron Osafo Kissi

Joining the Professional Master’s Program remotely from Ghana 

“I chose cybersecurity because there are so many fraudulent activities going on in West Africa and I want to learn how to better secure network architecture and reduce cyber attacks.”

Arsha Mohanan Krishnamohanan

Joining the Professional Master's Program remotely from Wisconsin, USA

"In today's world of ever-evolving technologies, every individual is exposed to cyber threats directly or indirectly. COVID-19, which pushed most of us to the virtual world, has increased the importance of cybersecurity in our day to day life."

Dickson Lee

Joining the Professional Master’s Program remotely from Hong Kong

“I am eager to join Simon Fraser University because of its good academic reputation and diverse learning environment. The newly established Cybersecurity Concentration in the Professional Master's Program provides the best studying opportunity to advance my cybersecurity knowledge and skillsets.”

Jiawen Zhang 

Joining the Professional Master’s Program remotely from Metro Vancouver 

“The hands-on lab training and carefully selected courses of the program will help me develop in-depth knowledge and practical skills of cybersecurity; the co-op placement will provide me with opportunities to put my knowledge into practice. This program could be a stepping-stone to help me become a security analyst.”

Yue Zhang

Joining the Professional Master’s Program remotely from Vancouver 

“Cybersecurity roles take longer to fill than other IT jobs, so I think it is important to study cybersecurity to extend my professional career. I want to be a security engineer, so this program 100% fits my career goal.”