Invent the Future Team

Dr. Angelica Lim

Assistant Professor of Professional Practice, School of Computing Science

Co-Director, Invent the Future

Dr. Ouldooz Baghban Karimi

Lecturer, School of Computing Science

Co-Director, Invent the Future

 2018 Project Mentors

Alice Yue

PhD candidate in Bioinformatics

Alice’s research focuses on flow cytometry data analytics. She sorts cells into their respective cell types and uses this data to infer useful biological information. Alice loves anime and going for long walks by busy streets.

Bita Azari

Graduate Student

Originally from Iran, Bita studies computer science with a main focus in Human-Robot Interaction (HRI).


Maryam Hayati

PhD Candidate with research interests in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

Maryam investigates the idea of using phylogenetic properties to predict influenza strains that would persist into the future. Her hobbies include painting, reading novels and watching movies.


Megha Nawhal

PhD Candidate with research interests in computer vision, machine learning and human-computer interaction

Previously, Megha was a researcher with the Cognitive Industry Solutions team at IBM Research, Bangalore. Apart from work, she loves to travel and write poems in Hindi and Urdu.


Murad Ali

MASTER'S STUDENT IN COMPUTING SCIENCE with research interests in combinatorial optimization 

Murad has 1.5 years of professional experience in data science. A die heart Manchester United fan, he enjoys playing soccer and basketball.


Nadia Ghobadipasha

Master's Student in Computing Science

Nadia works in the Natural Language Processing lab. She enjoys solving the Rubik's cube!


Srishti Yadav

Master's Student in Engineering Science

Srishti works on implementing a robotics vision system to aid the elderly people in their day-to-day activities. She is also an Origami master!


Yasaman Etesam

Master’s Student with research interests in Computer Vision

Yasaman is working in VML lab. Her bachelor's degree was in Electrical Engineering, so she would be happy to help anyone in a dilemma between CS and EE.


2018 Program Mentors

Raquel Aoki

PHD Candidate with research interests in Machine Learning and Bioinformatics

Raquel's research goal is identify genes that contribute to cancer development using Artificial Intelligence. In her free time, she likes hiking during the summer and reading during the winter.


Sachini Herath

Master's Student with research interests in Computer Vision

Sachini’s current research focuses on a data driven approach for inertial navigation. During her free time, she loves to bake, read and spend time among trees.


2018 Leaders

Siri Dhillon

Undergraduate Student in Computer Engineering, Honours program

Siri is an international student from India who is passionate about Robotics. She also finds elephants to be really fascinating creatures.


Tatenda Jakaza

Undergraduate Student in Biomedical Engineering

Tatenda is an international student from Zimbabwe who enjoys reading, volunteering, and spending time with friends when she isn't in the engineering labs or doing homework.


2018 Activity Leader

Marie-Rose Huellas-Bruskiewicz

Student in Kinesiology

When she isn’t busy studying, Marie-Rose represents Canada in the sport of fencing. She is excited to teach you the way of the sword and how the tricks you play on your opponents can relate to the world of computational thinking.

2018 Communication Lead

Kitty Cheung

Undergraduate Student in World Literature

Kitty enjoys skateboarding, writing poetry and serenading her mother with her ukulele.