Gothic in a Time of Contagion,

Populism and Racial Injustice

March 10-13, 2021

Conference Programme


Time Zone Abbreviations (used below)

      NA-P = North America, Pacific Time         NA-E = North America, Eastern Time

    UK = United Kingdom Time                      EUR = Time for most of Europe

    TH = Thailand Time                                    JPN = Japan Time

    AUS = SE Australia Time (Sydney, etc.)    NZ = New Zealand time

All times are on the 24-hour clock (1:00-24:00) so that 1:00pm = 13:00 and so on

(All times in bold parentheses after each presenter’s name indicate the local time

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Wednesday, March 10

(with some session times in some zones extending into Thursday)

Co-Hosts Welcome (recorded)       Sean Zwagerman and Melek Ortabasi, SFU

Co-Chairs Welcome (recorded)       Jerrold Hogle, John Whatley, IGA Presidents


     7:00 NA-P / 10:00 NA-E / 15:00 UK / 16:00 EUR / 22:00 TH // 24:00 JPN/ 2:00 AUS

1.      18th Century Gothic: Whig Populism, Revolution, and the Discourse of Disease

Chair:  Jerrold E. Hogle                                       Co-chair:  Nida Tiranasawasdi

Kay Chronister, University of Arizona (8:00), 'Not One of Those Savage Tyrants': The

Castle of Otranto and the Goth in England

Alexandra Wagstaffe, McMaster University (10:00), Plunging into Error: The Mysteries of Udolpho and Being Informed in the Age of Covid-19

Rayna Rosenova, Sofia University, Bulgaria (17:00), “A virus of a new and unknown kind”: The French Revolution and the Discourse of Disease


     8:15 NA-P / 11:15 NA-E / 16:15 UK / 17:15 EUR / 23:15 TH // 1:15 JPN / 3:15 AUS

2.      Mary Shelley’s The Last Man I:  The Infectiousness of Narrative, Populism, and Lyric

Chair:  Jerrold E. Hogle                                        Co-chair:  David Punter

      Jingsi Shen, University of Washington (8:15), Infectious Narrative: Giving Form to
       Catastrophe in Mary Shelley’s The Last Man

David Sigler, University of Calgary (9:15), Populism, Time, and Contagion in Shelley’s The Last Man

Jack Rooney, Ohio State University (10:15), “Each moment contained eternity”: The
             Contagion of the Lyric in Mary Shelley’s The Last Man


     9:30 NA-P / 12:30 NA-E / 17:30 UK / 18:30 EUR // 24:30 TH / 2:30 JPN / 4:30 AUS

3.      Mary Shelley’s The Last Man II: Three Post-secular Readings

Chair:  Jerrold E. Hogle                                            Co-chair:  Rayna Rosenova                                                                                  

      Kaitlin Mondello, Millersville University of Pennsylvania (12:30), Gothic Nature and
       the Deconstruction of Difference in Mary Shelley’s The Last Man

Peter Long Kao, University of Aberdeen (17:30), A Post-secular Reading of Mary Shelley's The Last Man (1826)

Michael Cameron, Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia (12:30), “This Feeling Was

Infectious”: Contagion as Reactionary Populism in The Last Man and I Am Legend


   10:45 NA-P / 13:45 NA-E / 18:45 UK / 19:45 EUR // 1:45 TH / 3:45 JPN / 5:45 AUS

4.      Victorian-era Gothic I: The Contagions of Mental Illness, the East, and Touch

Chair:  Paulina Palmer                                                 Co-chair: Monica Germana

Amreen Kohli, University of Edinburgh (18:45), The Contagion of Mental Illness in
             Frankenstein, Jane Eyre, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Gwendolyn Faye Moore, University College Dublin (18:45), Eating the East: The Feared Dissolution of British Identity through Digestive Degradation in Sheridan Le Fanu’s “Green Tea” and Robert Louis Stevenson’s Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Jay Sullivan, Roehampton University (18:45), ‘Untouched, Unchanged, Unstained’: Contaminating Touch in Richard Marsh’s The Beetle


    12:00 NA-P / 15:00 NA-E / 20:00 UK / 21:00 EUR // 3:00 TH / 5:00 JPN / 7:00 AUS

Plenary Lecture -- Postapocalyptic Film and TV Capers: The Comedy Zombie and the (End of the) Neoliberal World

Linnie Blake, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK (20:00)

       Session Chair:  Sue Zlosnik, Manchester Metropolitan University (Emeritus)

            Co-Chair: Sorcha Ní Fhlainn, Manchester Metropolitan University


     14:30 NA-P /17:30 NA-E / 22:30 UK /23:30 EUR // 5:30 TH / 7:30 JPN / 93:0 AUS

5.      Caribbean Gothic: Colonization and Tropical Maladies in the Americas

A panel organized and chaired by Cristian Soler.       Co-Chair: Enrique Ajuria Ibarra

Cristian Soler, Stanford University (Iberian and Latin American Cultures) (14:30), Haunted Houses and Damsels in Distress: Specters of Colonialism in Oriana and The Manor of Araucaima

Mitch Therieau, Stanford University (Modern Thought and Literature) (14:30), Jean Rhys’s Gothic Jazz

Cynthia Laura Vialle-Giancotti, Stanford University (French and Italian) (14:30), Caribbean Witches and Zombies: De-colonizing Empire


Thursday, March 11

(with some session times in some zones extending into Friday)


    24:00 NA-P / 3:00 NA-E / 8:00 UK / 9:00 EUR / 15:00 TH / 16:00 TAIWAN / 21:00 NZ

6.      Eco-Gothic I:  Infectious Sentences, the Inner Wolf, and Mother Earth

Chair:   Agnieszka Soltysik Monnet                    Co-chair: Monica Germana

Hsu, Li-hsin, National Chengchi University (16:00), “Infection in the sentence breeds”: Ecogothic in Emily Dickinson and Chen Kehua

Sarah Worgan, Kingston University (8:00), Surplus Life in Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake

Amanda Rutherford, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand (20:00), The Gothic Mother Earth and Apocalyptic text in Greenland


     7:00 NA-P / 1000 NA-E / 15:00 UK / 16:00 EUR / 22:00 TH // 24:00 JPN / 2:00 AUS

7.      Tales of the Un-dead: Premature Burials, Culinary Othering, and Degeneration

Chair:  Jamil Mustafa                                             Co-chair:  David Punter

Aureo Lustosa Guerios Neto, University of Padua (16:00), Premature Burials in Literary texts about Epidemic Cholera from 1830 to 1900

Cameron Dodworth, Methodist University (10:00), Exotic Homogeneity: Culinary Othering in Dracula

Christine Haskill, Ferris State University, Michigan (10:00), Purity and Pollution: Race, Degeneration and Invasion in Dracula (1897) and Mexican Gothic (2020)


     8:15 NA-P / 11:15 NA-E / 16:15 UK / 17:15 EUR / 23:15 TH // 1:15 JPN / 3:15 AUS

8.      Gay/Lesbian/ Bisexual/Transgender Gothic I:  Queer Pandemics and Contagions

Chair:  Karen Macfarlane                                       Co-chair:  Antonio Alcalá Gonzales

Brontë Schiltz, Manchester Metropolitan University (16:15), “Mysterious Influences”: Queer Pandemics in the Gothic Fin de Siècle

Paulina Palmer, University of Warwick (16:15), “Aids is like the plague; it has made people vicious. Everyone suspects everyone else”: Comparisons between the AIDS virus and the bubonic plague in Vincent Brome’s Love in the Plague (2001)


     9:30 NA-P / 12:30 NA-E / 17:30 UK / 18:30 EUR // 24:30 TH / 2:30 JPN / 4:30 AUS

9.      Eco-Gothic II:  Contaminated Ethics, the Inner Wolf, and the Ingestion of the Other

Chair:   Mariaconcetta Costantini                           Co-chair: Cynthia Sugars

Natasha Rebry Coulthard, University of Lethbridge, Canada (10:30), Contaminated Ethics and Gothic Environmental Discourse

Caitlin Duffy, Stony Brook University (12:30), “Embrace your inner wolf”: American Ecogothic Subjectivity

Gina Wisker, University of Bath (17:30), Contagion, ingestion and sustainability: Margaret Atwood’s ‘Thylacine Ragout’ (2006) and Daisy Johnson’s ‘Blood Rites’ (2016)


    10:45 NA-P / 13:45 NA-E / 18:45 UK / 19:45 EUR // 1:45 TH / 3:45 JPN / 5:45 AUS

10.  American Gothic I:  Mass Infection in the Mathers and Nathaniel Hawthorne

Chair: Charles Crow                                             Co-chair: Sue Zlosnik

Faye Ringel, US Coast Guard Academy (13:45), Portents, Pestilence, and Pox: The
             Mathers’ Views of Plague

Maria Parrino, Independent scholar, Italy (19:45), “The contagion was spreading among the multitude”: Crowds, Laughter and Mass Infection in Hawthorne’s “My Kinsman, Major Molineux”


    12:00 NA-P / 15:00 NA-E / 20:00 UK / 21:00 EUR // 3:00 TH / 5:00 JPN / 7:00 AUS

11.  American Gothic II: Post WWII Displacement, Rabid Dogs, Racial Trauma, and Post-Disaster Tyranny

Chair: Agnieszka Soltysik Monnet                       Co-chair: Sue Zlosnik

Larissa Runyan, University of Arizona (13:00), Southern Gothic as “Horrifying” Critique: Americans’ Grotesque Attitudes Towards Post-WWII Refugees in Flannery O’Connor’s “The Displaced Person”

Ana Carolina Torquato, FAE University, Brazil (17:00), Rabid dogs as Vectors of Actual and Symbolic Contagion in Their Eyes Were Watching God and To Kill a Mockingbird

Matthew Crofts, University of Hull (20:00), “Don’t you know what people are capable of?!”: Gothic Tyranny in the Wake of Disaster [The Day of the Triffids, The Walking Dead, and the videogame Fallout 3]


     14:30 NA-P / 17:30 pm NA-E / 22:30 UK / 23:30 EUR // 6:30 TH / 7:30 JPN / 9:30 AUS

12.  Recent Gothic Films I:  The Contagions of Horror, Recursivity, and Mimicry

Chair: Gilles Menegaldo.                                      Co-chair: Cynthia Sugars

Enrique Ajuria Ibarra, Universidad de las Américas Puebla, Mexico (16:30), Contagion and Horror: Urban Gothic and Uncanny Creatures in Guillermo del Toro’s Mimic (1997)

Jennifer Henderson, Carleton University, Canada (17:30), Feeling Gothic, Feeling Resilient: Dilemmas of Recursivity and Recuperation in Post-Statist Imaginaries [in the films of Jeff Barnaby (Mi’gmaw), Jordan Peele, and Cherie Dimaline (Métis)]

Krista Collier-Jarvis, Dalhousie University (18:30), History as Contagion: Blood Quantum (2019) and Haunting Back

Antonio Alcalá Gonzales, Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico City (16:30), Nautical Horror in 2020: Lovecraft’s Influence on William Eubank’s Underwater


     16:00 NA-P / 19:00 NA-E //24:00 UK / 1:00 EUR / 7:00 TH / 9:00 JPN / 11:00 AUS

13.  Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Gothic II: AIDS, Recombinant Gothic, and Homophobia in the Heartland

Chair:  Jamil Mustafa                                            Co-chair: Marta Maxwell Croll-Baehre

Ardel Haefele-Thomas, City College of San Francisco (16:00), Turning a Plague into Art: Gothic Imagery in AIDS Visual Art

Caitlin Palo, University of Washington (16:00), Recombinant Gothic: Dodie

Bellamy’s The Letters of Mina Harker (1998)

Christopher Weimer, Oklahoma State University (18:00), Corruption in the Heartland: Contagion, Sorcery, and Homophobia in Jordan L. Hawk’s Fallow (2016)


Thursday, March 11-Friday, March 12


     17:15 (Th) NA-P / 20:15 NA-E // (Fr) 1:15 UK / 2:15 EUR / 8:15 TH / 12:15 AUS / 14:15 NZ

14.  Gothic Television and Video I: Modern Horror, Miasmas, and Contagious Conflicts

Chair:  Katarzyna Ancuta                                Co-chair:  Karen Budra

      Sarah Baker, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand (14:15 Friday),

Contagious Horror, Parasites, Zombies, and Pandemics: From Alien to Fear the Walking


Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock, Central Michigan University (19:15), Particulate Matter, Miasma Theory, and Modern Horror: Penny Dreadful, Stranger Things, Silent Hill, and Get Out

Luke Chwala, Clemson University (20:15), Gothic Manifestations of Contagious Cultural Conflicts in American Horror Story, Seasons 7-8

Kate Warner, University of Queensland, Australia (12:15 Friday), Glitch and Cleverman: Gothic contestations of Australia’s past and future


     18:30 (Th) NA-P / 21:30 NA-E // (Fr) 2:30 UK / 3:30 EUR / 9:30 TH / 11:30 JPN / 13:30 AUS

Plenary Lecture What's so Global about the Gothic?

Andrew Ng Hook Soon, Monash University, Malaysia (10:30 Friday)

       Session Chair: Katarzyna Ancuta, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand (9:30 Friday)

       Co-chair: Nida Tiranasawasdi, also from Chulalongkorn University


     19:45 (Th) NA-P / 22:45 NA-E // (Fr) 3:45 UK / 4:45 EUR / 10:45 TH / 12:45 JPN / 14:45 AUS

15.  Asian Gothic: The Plagues of Opium, Viral Attack, Necro-ecology, and Political Strategy

Chair:  Hsu, Li-hsin                                             Co-chair:  Karen Budra

Peter J. Church, University of Exeter and the Wellington College International School, Bangkok, Thailand (10:45 Friday), Opium: The Nineteenth Century ‘China Plague’ In the Essays of Thomas DeQuincey

Suntisuk Prabunya, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand (10:45), The Liberal Democratic Body under Communist Viral Attack: Body Politics, Affective Contagions, and the Cultural Politics of Cold War in Por Intharapalit’s “Songkram Chuerok” (1963)

Katarzyna Ancuta, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand (10:45), Necro-ecology: Death, Life, and Disease in Yan Lianke’s The Dream of Ding Village (2006) and The Years, Months, Days (1997)

Min-ster Lin, National Cheng-Kung University, Taiwan (11:45), Fear of Contagion as a Disciplinary Strategy in the Political Gothic Film Detention (2019)


Friday, March 12

(with some session times in some zones extending into Saturday)


     1:00 NA-P / 4:00 NA-E / 9:00 UK / 10:00 EUR / 16:00 TH / 18:00 JPN / 20:00 AUS

16.  Modern Theoretical Approaches to the Gothic: From Vitalism to Psychobiography

Chair:  Gilles Menegaldo                                    Co-chair: Marie Lienard-Yeterian

Chris Bundock, University of Essex (9:00), Gothic Life: Vitality and Form in Hans Driesch and William Worringer

Gregory Marks, LaTrobe University, Australia (20:00), Klaus Theweleit’s Gothic Psychobiography of Fascism in his Male Fantasies (1977)


     2:15 NA-P / 5:15 NA-E /10:15 UK / 11:15 EUR / 17:15 TH / 19:15 JPN / 21:00 AUS

17.  Recent Gothic Film II:  The Threats of Contagion in Disasters, Hybridity, and Territorial Transgression

Chair:  Agnieszka Soltysik Monnet              Co-chair:  Katarzyna Ancuta       

            Piraya Puapanichya, Thailand (17:15), Monstrous Nature: Hybridity,

Liminality and Contagion in Annihilation (2018) and The Ruins (2008)

David McWilliam, Keele University (10:15), The King of Nothing: Contagious Chaos and Gothic Dissent in Todd Phillips’s Joker (2019)


     3:30 NA-P / 6:30 NA-E / 11:30 UK / 12:30 EUR / 18:30 TH / 20:30 JPN / 22:30 AUS

18.  Early 21st-Century Gothic II:  Feminism, Masculinity, and Social Unrest

       Chair:  Sue Zlosnik                                                     Co-chair:  Aris Mousoutzanis

Sarah Olive, University of York (11:30), The Impact of Spreadable Feminism on Stephenie Meyer’s Midnight SunIs her vampire fiction fighting or incubating pandemic sexual and relationship violence?

Anastasia Lipinskaya, St. Petersburg State Forest Technical University (14:30), Beastkin and Man-things in Times of the Great Plague: C.L. Werner’s Skaven Wars

Agnieszka Łowczanin, University of Łódź, Poland (13:30), “We are granddaughters of the witches you failed to burn”:  Gothic flavors of Social Unrest in Poland in the Midst of the Pandemic


     5:30 NA-P / 8:30 NA-E / 13:30 UK / 14:30 EUR / 20:30 TH / 22:30 JPN // 24:30 AUS

19.  Romantic-era Contagions:  Morality, Trauma, Racism, and the Effects of Weather

Chair:  Gilles Menegaldo                                         Co-chair: Monica Germana

Charlotte Chassefière, Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier (14:30), “I am a pestilence, and spread ruin wheresoever I pass!”: Moral Contagion as a Threat to Cultural Hegemony in the Novels of Charlotte Dacre

Myron Chun-Chieh Tsao, National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan (21:30), “Did I Request Thee, Maker, from My Clay to Mold Me Man?”: Reading Frankenstein as Mary Shelley’s Traumatic Embodiment

Lisbeth Chapin, Gwynedd Mercy University, Pennsylvania (8:30), The Contagion of Ash: Weather, Racism, and Politics in the Time of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein


     6:45 NA-P / 9:45 NA-E / 14:45 UK / 15:45 EUR / 21:45 TH / 23:45 JPN // 1:45 AUS

20.  Irish Gothic: From Maria Edgeworth to Sheridan Le Fanu and Beyond

      Chair:   David Punter                                      Co-chair:  Michael Gamer

Cody Grey Belmont, Independent Scholar, “Balance Due”: Identity and Economic Scourge in Maria Edgeworth’s Castle Rackrent (1800)

Daniel J. Holmes, Villanova University (9:45), Essays on Metaphysical Medicine: Spiritual Infection and Its Treatment in Sheridan Le Fanu’s “Green Tea”


     9:30 NA-P / 12:30 NA-E / 17:30 UK / 18:30 EUR // 24:30 TH / 2:30 JPN / 4:30 AUS

Plenary Lecture“When you decide to leave, it's because you’re already dead”: Atlantique and the Planetary Gothic

Mark Deggan, Simon Fraser University, Canada (9:30)

       Session Chair: John Whatley, Simon Fraser University


Friday, March 12-Saturday, March 13


    19:30 (Fri) NA-P / 22:30 NA-E // (Sat) 3:30 UK / 4:30 EUR / 10:30 TH / 12:30 JPN / 14:30 AUS

21.  Gothic Haunted Houses:  Paradoxes, Contagions, and Infectious Manuscripts

      Chair: Enrique Ajuna Ibarra                            Co-chair:  Karen Budra

Danbee Isabelle Moon, University of Washington (19:30), Haunted Houses in The Haunting of Hill House and The Turn of the Screw

Samantha Landau, University of Tokyo (12:30 Saturday), Memory and Contagion in Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House

Stephen Webb, University of Alberta (20:30), Infection in the Script: The Ruinous Codex in Jeff VanderMeer’s Annihilation (2014) and Mark Danielewski’s House of Leaves (2000)


Saturday, March 13

(with some extensions into Sunday morning)


     4:30 NA-P / 7:30 NA-E / 12:30 UK / 13:30 EUR / 19:30 TH / 20:30 TAIWAN / 23:30 AUS    

22.  Victorian-era Gothic II: Crises of Masculinity, Infectious Texts, and Imperial Racism

       Chair:   Mariaconcetta Costantini                 Co-chair:  Hsu, Li-hsin

Yu-rong Cheng, National Chengchi University, Taiwan (20:30), Circumscribed
             Masculinity: Male Weaknesses in Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre

Eloise Sureau, Butler University, Indiana (6:30), Infectious Humans, Infectious Text:

Michela Marroni, Tuscia University, Viterbo, Italy (13:30), “The Cursed Diamond” as the Representation of a Cultural Conflict: A Racial Interpretation of The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins


     5:45 NA-P / 8:45 NA-E / 13:45 UK / 14:45 EUR / 20:45 TH / 22:45 JPN // 24:45 AUS

23.  Early 20th-Century Gothic: Pandemic Confusions of Time, Rats, and Lovecraftian Sound

Chair:  Karen Macfarlane                                 Co-chair:  Katarzyna Ancuta

James Aaron Green, University of Exeter (13:45), 'What a confusion! What an emotional, feverish, heated confusion!': Populism, Panic, and 'Pandemic Time' in The Blue Germ (1918)

Nida Tiranasawasdi, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand (20:45), From the City of Dust to the Waste Valley: Rats as the Threat of Contagion in Bram Stoker’s “The Burial of the Rats” and H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Rats in the Walls”

Stuart Lindsay, University of Stirling (13:45), Lovecraftian Music and the Experimental Sounds of Pedestrian Deposit


     8:00 NA-P / 11:00 NA-E / 16:00 UK / 17:00 EU / 23:00 TH // 1:00 JPN / 3:00 AUS

24.  The Gothic of Feminine Subversion: Contagious Ghosts, Viragos, and Rougarous

Chair:  Sue Zlosnik                                         Co-chair:  Marie Mulvey-Roberts

Victoria Lord, Cardiff University (16:00), The Woman in Black: The Contagious Ghost Traversing the Novella, Stage and Screen

Alessandra Serra, Università della Tuscia, Italy (17:00), “She is Pestiferous”. Feminine Subversion and Contagion in the Penny Dreadful Gothic Landscape

June Scudeler, Simon Fraser University (8:00), “We Gotta Keep It in Balance:” The Rougarou as Anti-Contagion in Cherie Dimaline’s Empire of Wild (2019)


     9:15 NA-P / 12:15 NA-E / 17:15 UK / 18:15 EU // 24:15 TH / 2:15 JPN / 4:15 AUS

25.  Early 21st-Century Gothic II: Pandemics of Technology, Hybridity, Adolescence, and Consumption

Chair:  Antonio Alcalá Gonzalez                       Co-chair: Cameron Dodworth

      David Punter, University of Bristol (17:15), Pandemic, Technology, Pantechnicon

Deimantas Valanciunas, Vilnius University, Lithuania (19:15), Hybridity, Sexuality and Monstrosity in Indian Gothic: The Devourers (2015)

Leonie Rowland, Manchester Metropolitan University (17:15), “Why not kill? Everyone has their issues”: (Un)ending Adolescence in Fukasaku Kinji’s Battle Royale and Banana Yoshimoto’s ‘Mummy’ 

Megen de Bruin-Molé, University of Southampton (17:15), White Zombies: ‘Mindful’ Consumption, Neoliberalism, and White Privilege in Twenty-First-Century Zombie Fictions


     10:45 NA-P / 13:45 NA-E /18:45 UK / 19:45 EU // 1:45 TH / 3:45 JPN / 5:45 AUS

26.  Gothic Television and Video II: Anxieties Over the Environment, the Digital Image, and the “Other”

Chair:  Sue Zlosnik                                            Co-chair:  Marie Mulvey-Roberts

Mariaconcetta Costantini, G. d'Annunzio University of Chieti-Pescara, Italy (19:45), Polar Contagion: Ecogothic Anxiety across Media in the Twenty-First Century

Xavier Aldana Reyes, Manchester Metropolitan University (18:45), Desktop Horror and the Crisis of the Digital Image in 21st Century Films

Rebecca Wynne-Walsh, Manchester Metropolitan University (10:15), Troubled Boundaries: Corporeal and Territorial Transgression in the Films Hunger (2008) and ‘71 (2015)

Matthias Stephan, Aarhus University, Denmark (19:45), “Men Against Fire”: An Exploration of Otherness, Identity, and Ethics in a Postmodern Age [on Episode 12 of Black Mirror]


     12:00 NA-P / 15:00 NA-E / 20:00 UK / 21:00 EU // 3:00 TH / 5:00 JPN / 7:00 AUS

Plenary Lecture -- “You already dead”: America’s 400+ Year Pandemic

Maisha Wester, Indiana University, Bloomington, USA, and currently

         British Global Academy Fellow, University of Sheffield, UK (20:00)

       Session Chair:  Jerrold E. Hogle, University of Arizona (Emeritus)


Conference End