Writing a Chinese Story as World Literature


April 23, 2021

Ling Zhang and Xueqing Xu will discuss the challenges and advantages of writing in Canada, and the cultural identity of being a Chinese writer in Canada.

Speaker 主講

Ling Zhang 張翎, writer

Ling Zhang (張翎), based in Toronto, Ling is a bestselling and award-winning writer whose novella Aftershock 餘震 was adapted into China's first IMAX movie Aftershock 唐山大地震. The English edition of her most recent novel A Single Swallow 勞燕  was #1 Kindle Bestseller in Chinese Literature and WWII Historical Fiction in Amazon.

Guest 對話嘉賓

Xueqing Xu 徐學清, Associate Professor, York University

Xueqing Xu (徐學清) is an associate professor in the Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics at York University. Her recent research interests include Chinese Canadian diasporic literature, and Chinese women’s literature.

Moderator 主持

Diann Xu 徐棣军, Vancouver Public Library

“Chinese/Canadian Writing” Speaker Series “在加中之間寫作”系列講座

Through dialogues among award-winning writers, artists, publishers and academia, the “Chinese/Canadian Writing” speaker series reveals the inspiration, identity and purposes of cross-cultural writing, showcases the diversity of Chinese Canadian writing, and explores the possibility of bridging different worlds through language, history and imagination.

“在加中之間寫作”系列講座通過四組著名作家, 藝術家,出版人和學者的演講和對話,討論聯繫不同世界的跨文化寫作的重要,以及在加拿大進行中文寫作的多種可能性。


Friday, April 23, 2021

4:30 - 6:00 pm Pacific Standard Time

Online Webinar

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