As communications and transportation technologies have developed and global migration has intensified people from varying cultural backgrounds work and live side by side. However, the long-term vitality of international relations and civil society requires much more than merely living side by side in mutual tolerance. Efforts must be made to draw on the strengths of diversity in the interest of forging ideals and goals that can be shared.

Over the past two decades the David Lam Centre has remained committed to fostering intercultural dialogue through its support of academic research and publication and through a wide variety of community activities. This process entails the building of bridges between the academy and the broader public domain and between Asia and Canada.

The David Lam Centre seeks opportunities to cooperate with academic and community organizations that share these aspirations. This site provides information on current activities, events and projects, and on partner organizations.




Canadian Steel Chinese Grit (documentary film)

Co-produced by the David See-Chai Lam Centre for International Communication



Chinese Canadian History

David Lam Centre is  developing educational materials about the contributions of Chinese Canadians, over more than two centuries, to the building of Canada.