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May 18-20: Professor Paul Crowe has been invited to join a research colloquium at the École pratique des hautes études at the Université Paris - Sorbonne. At the meeting titled “La religion des Chinois de France: Implantations, croyances at pratiques,” he will provide a Canadian perspective by sharing some findings from his research into a network of Daoist spirit medium altars in Vancouver and Hong Kong. Additionally he has been invited to provide an overview of Chinese Buddhist, Tiandao and Falun gong activities and institutions in the Vancouver area.


The "Canada Chinatown Series - Calgary" edition presented by the David Lam Centre's Chinese Canadian History Project Council was well-received by the public in Calgary on April 30. Two launches took place; one in the morning and the second in the evening with a full-house attendance. Government representatives at the provincial and municipal levels as well as local media were among the speakers at the launches. Council members were invited, with our community partners, to a formal luncheon with the People's Republic of China Consul-General Wang Xinping. We thank the Chinese Canadian Community Service Association (CCCSA), the Calgary Chinatown Lions' Club and Sien Lok Society of Calgary for their enormous support in this successful event.

Paul Tai Yip Ng Memorial Award for 2015 Best Graduate Student Paper

Congratulations to Ms. Lisa Olding, an MEd student, who won our 2015 Best Gradaute Student Paper award. Lisa completed her BEd at the University of Victoria and has taught a variety of subjects (except for math) to students in grades three to twelve over the last twelve years. She is now an MEd student in Teaching English as an Additional Language. Lisa's winning paper was part of her coursework in EDUC 825, taught by Dr. Ena Lee.


New Research from Professor Shuyu Kong, Humanities and Asia Canada Program

Professor Shuyu Kong, Director of Asia Canada Program published a monograph Popular Media, Social Emotion and Public Discourse in Contemporary China. In this book, Shuyu Kong describes the recent transformation of the Chinese entertainment and media industry, the public engagement with popular media, and the social, cultural and political implications of these new developments. 


Translation Group at David Lam Centre, SFU is happy to announce the publication of a translation volume: Beijing Women: Stories. The stories were co-translated by Dr. Shuyu Kong (Humanities, SFU) and Dr. Colin S. Hawes, and the collection includes an introduction by Shuyu Kong on “Wang Yuan and her ethical dramas of everyday China”.

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