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Part of SFU David Lam Centre’s mandate is to facilitate engagement and research between SFU and Asia. SFU faculty (including limited term lecturers) conducting Asia-related research are eligible to receive support from David Lam Centre. Funding is available to members of DLC. We also support a Scholar-in-Residence program. Read more below.

To become a DLC Member, email a most recent CV (pdf, maximum of four pages) to

Apply for member funding (major grants)

Applicaton deadline: October 25, 2021

* Proposals for small grants are accepted all-year round

DLC Funding

We aim to provide faculty with support with relatively straight forward and simple application and follow up requirements.

Some activities funded by the DLC are, for example, research trips, research assistants, reading groups, and visiting speakers. For a full list of eligible expenses, please see our funding policy and evaluation criteria below.

David Lam Centre offers two funding awards. A small award of up to $2,000 is offered on a rolling basis, and we aim to make funding decisions within two weeks. A large award of up to $7,000 is offered in two annual competitions, one in February and one in October.

As important as funding, we can also provide logistical support, such as working with visitors to assist in expense claims or reimbursement to departmental accounts. Given adequate lead time, we can coordinate events by booking rooms at Harbour Centre; organizing food and drink; preparing event posters; and announcing the event to our networks. In some cases, we may also provide funds for a dinner after a lecture.

DLC Funding Policy

David See-Chai Lam Centre (DLC) for International Communication provides financial support for continuing faculty DLC Members to organize events and projects that conform to the purpose of the Centre. Graduate students are also encouraged to seek DLC support through their supervisors for potential Asia-related initiatives.  

We offer two funding awards. A small award of up to $2,000 (small grants) is offered on a rolling basis; support is contingent on availability of funds at the DLC. Proposals for the small grants can be emailed to

Proposals requesting support in an amount greater than $2,000 will be referred to the DLC Steering Committee for review. A large award of up to $7,000 (major grants) is offered in two annual competitions, one in February and one in October. The online application link for large awards can be found on this page.

The DLC promotes research and organizes related activities with a focus on the interface between Canada and the Asia-Pacific region. These activities extend across a broad spectrum of social, cultural and economic issues from both contemporary and historical perspectives. The Centre supports and facilitates research collaboration, networking and building the community of Asia-related scholars across campus and internationally. The Centre furthers the involvement of students in learning about and conducting research on the Asia-Pacific region, mobilizes and transfers knowledge from the academic research community to the Canadian public.

Normally, proposals will be funded to a maximum of $7,000, though budgets in excess of this amount will be considered in exceptional circumstances. Examples of activities the DLC can support include but are not limited to the following examples of Asia-related projects:

  • Seed funding for developing major research projects that involve collaboration with researchers in the Asia-Pacific region
  • Research workshops and symposia
  • Asia-related lectures and seminar series
  • Asia-related reading and writing groups
  • Support for major research publications. This includes using professional editing and translation services, bringing scholars to discuss a book manuscript, book launches and publication subsidies (though for the latter support might also be sought from SFU Publication Grants)
  • Co-hosting international conferences and workshops
  • Co-developing collaborative research projects
  • Student conferences
  • Graduate and undergraduate research assistantship
  • Public education programs and community events

Funding requests will be evaluated along the following criteria: conformity to the purpose of the Centre; reasonableness of the budget; value to researchers, students or the community. Funding decisions will make an effort to support a diversity of Asia-related research activity at SFU.

Priority will be given to FASS applications.

Evaluation criteria

  • high level of alignment with DLC and SFU mission;
  • high degree of raising DLC’s profile;
  • potential of high impacts measured by audience (and its engagement), general resources for others to use, potential for publications;
  • greater involvement with local or SFU community; demonstrated commitments from other departments;
  • cost sharing with confirmed funding from other sources;
  • collaboration with other scholars with a potential to build bridges;
  • specific outcomes that give a sense of the next stage;
  • current event;
  • socially responsible with positive impacts to the overall community;
  • merit based similar to SSHRC;
  • DLC funding as a jump start (seed funding);
  • lower priority to past funded DLC members

DLC supported events should be open to the public for free. The DLC can attempt to arrange a venue for the event at Harbour Centre, organize catering, and support event promotion.

SFU David Lam Centre should be acknowledged at events and in all project publications and promotional materials.

A brief report including income/expenditure statement must be provided to the DLC within ONE month of the event.


We encourage applicants to seek additional funding, such as from your own department or another department, for internal support.

DLC Scholar-in-Residence

DLC Member who agrees to be the primary faculty contact for a DLC Scholar-in-Residence must organize at least one public event (in English or in the language of their choice) and encourage engagement by the visiting scholar with the SFU academic community.

Scholars-in-Residence are usually persons with significant academic, literary or artistic qualifications. Besides conducting their own research at the David Lam Centre, they are also expected to participate in the SFU academic community and in wider community activities by attending lectures, workshops and colloquia, and presenting original research.

Read more about DLC Scholars-in-Residence.

SFU Funding

SFU Research Services and the FASS Dean's Office offer various grants to faculty. Visit our SFU Funding page to learn more.

External Funding Opportunities

A list of grants available from institutions worldwide is available for Asia-related researchers. Visit our External Funding page for details.