FASS Events

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Add these events to your Connect Calendar!

To have the FASS calendar appear in your personal Connect account:

  • log into SFU Connect and then go to the Calendar tab
  • Click on the new calendar icon (see image below)

  • You'll get a popup box. Next, select "Add External Calendar" This will bring you to a second popup where you click "Add External Calendar" again

  • This will prompt you to a third box where in the "Type" drop down menu, you will select "iCal Subscription"
  • Copy and paste this text: https://connect.sfu.ca/home/fasscomm@sfu.ca/FASSevents.ics
  • Name the calendar, and it will be added to your personal SFU Connect calendar.
  • To hide the FASS calendar in your personal SFU Connect account, just check or uncheck the box beside the calendar.

Alternate addresses:

FASS EventOrganizers

To get your event added to this events calendar, please email it to fasscomm@sfu.ca.

If you have a large number of events to add, we can also add you to the calendar editors list, so you can add your events at any time.