The Desertification in Australia's Murray-Darling Basin


Errors (Data Quality)

There are several errors encountered when conducting the analysis:

1. Resampling had thrown the 255 colour off in the relative humidity, but the data was still present. The resample was too extreme, and did not allow the data to show difference in various regions.

2. Estimating the correct ground control points when resampling.

3. Data had to be converted several times to be used in IDRISI for the raster analysis. Vector data was dominant in the data finding, creating errors through several. conversion processes would likely occur.

4. Scales vary between datasets.

5. Changing projections may have created errors.

6. Data was collected through various sources, not a consistent data accumulation source.

7. Reclassing a dataset from 255 to 16, 8, etc., will offset the analysis.

8. Some data lacked detail - too general

9. The data used in the research involving climate used the annual .shapefile. If a dataset of past data on excel were present, the data may be more accurate.

10. Climate data could be inaccurate due to precision and accuracy of gauges and thermometers.

11. Significant figure errors when rounding the annual climate factors.


1. Acquiring groundwater data from Australia.

2. Problems accessing salinity data. Salinity would be another factor affecting the large body of freshwater supplying half the country.

3. Acquiring eleveation data that will show the contours or slopes of the land. Knowing the slopes will also factor in on soil properties that will allow us to determine the grounds water retension.

4. Data did not line up, (not the same column and rows) needed to resample using estimated ground control points.

5. Could not find data on the types of sediments in or around the basin.


1. Notify the government of Australia or the Murray-Darling Basin Authority on careful land delegation for farm grazing.

2. Create additional conservation land.

3. Turn grazing areas specifically in temperate areas back into parks by replanting vegetation.

4. Plant additional trees and vegetation close to the basins to assure groundwater presence.


As humans continue to change the land due to market demands for agriculture, the land is largely affected. Desertification is not only an issue faced by Australia, it is occuring around the world at an alarming rate. Aside from restricting land suitability, the government should be careful about other types of human activity affecting the basins including pollution, fishing, and building infrastructure. Each of these factors have been known to affect the water. Further research can incorporate these additional factors ontop of the land use.


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